Firefly Lane Girls Forever

Review of Netflix’s show Firefly Lane.

Firefly Lane Girls Forever

Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

“Firefly Lane” is a newer series that was released last month on Netflix. There have been very mixed reviews over the flashback show on friendship. I personally really liked this series. It touches on tough topics, especially during the time it was based, friendship fights, and seeing what growing up and older with a friend does to you. 

We see first a young girl named Tully who is currently living with her grandmother because her mother is a drug addict and is incapable of taking care of her. But then one day out of the blue her mother, named “Cloud,” (she renamed herself) shows up to take her back.  Tully is later abandoned at a peace parade and brought back to her grandmother’s home by the police. Years later her mother shoes up once again when she is entering her teen years and takes her to move out. 

The two of them move to a house on a dirt road, called “Firefly Lane,” which hints at the title of the show. But when they move she lives across the street from a girl named Kate who is the total opposite of Tully. Tully is bold, rebellious, and popular, while Kate is awkward, shy, and quiet. 

This show goes back and forth between times in the character’s lives. Some scenes are in the 70s when the girls are teenagers, the 80s when they are in college and starting their jobs, and then their present time of 2003 when they feel as though they are facing the worst time of their lives in their 40s. 

I genuinely liked this show because I liked the different aspects of the decades and tough topics presented. When they were in the 70s, I thought the hair, outfits, and everything fit and wasn’t over the top or cheesy. But the cliche use of blue eyeshadow, bright colors, and frizzy curls was overwhelming for their interpretation of the 80s. When we enter 2003, I honestly thought it was based in the present time 2021, and honestly, I was shocked that it was 2003. The only thing signifying that it was 2003, was the phones they had but literally not a single thing else. 

Tully is just mean throughout the storyline in my opinion. She is not the best friend she really could be. Kate is the better friend in my opinion. Tully steals Kate’s love interest multiple times, she steals Johnny and makes so much about herself. Kate is struggling a lot and Tully is too, but Tully just seems like she acts in her ways only because it is convenient to her. 

I have never been a Kathrine Heigil fan. In my opinion, she is whiny and always plays the most annoying characters out of the show. An example of this would be in Grey’s Anatomy when she plays Izzie. I CANNOT STAND HER. But, somehow, some weird miracle, this show made me like her. I will say it will probably only be in this show, but I’ll give her the spotlight in my eyes while it lasts. 

Overall I really enjoy this series. Every episode had something different with it. I loved how it touched base with a lot of topics that you normally do not get to hear about during the time of the 70s or 80s. Those include LGBTQ, rape, abandonment, and corruption in the home. 

One thing that was very ironic about this show was the girls grew up on Firefly Lane, but there were never any fireflies. The thing I did not like the most was the stupid cliffhangers. The cliffhangers were harsh and in the weirdest spots in the middle of the episode and then they would switch decades and it just didn’t make sense for some of the placings. They make, it seems like Tully is dead because Kate is at a funeral and says she misses Tully. But it ends up being Kate’s father. Also, Johnny leaves to go to Iraq, and the last thing we see is his team being thrown back by a bomb. He is left on the ground, and we have no clue if he is alive. We also find out that Tully has done something that Kate cannot forgive, and Kate tells her she never wants to see her again…and we will not until the next season. The stupid cliffhangers of this show. But I recommend this show, while it has many questions, you will one day find them out in season two.