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Escaping Into the Screen

Understanding “Reality” Television
Andri, Elizabeth
- Creative Commons
Andri, Elizabeth – Creative Commons

Whenever I would see my cousins or my aunts or my mom watching reality television, I would often remark how ridiculous and unrealistic it was, but I never sat down to watch it with them.I’m trying to understand the shows better before I sit and laugh at them.

I wondered what made so many people watch reality television, such as “The Bachelor”, “The Bachelorette”, and “My 600 Pound Life”, and why people watch it for entertainment. Do they watch it because their own lives are boring? That is what I will be trying to understand while watching three episodes of shows like these.

Episode One: “90 Day Fiancé”, Season Five, Episode Eight


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Andri, Elizabeth

Andri seems like a more old fashioned guy but he doesn’t seem like a dictator who wants to control Elizabeth’s life. Andri states that he is fine with them having a bachelorette party, but not with them going to Vegas and going to clubs, he states because of his previous work as a bouncer, he has seen situations like the one he is currently in turn out bad.

Elizabeth values and respects Andri’s opposition towards her going. She says she wants to go, but she knows that he’s uncomfortable with her going. The real problem is her sisters who try to goad her into lying to Andri about their trip.

The only reason there is any tension is because of Elizabeth’s sisters. The tension between Andri and Elizabeth’s sisters is what makes this part of the episode most entertaining, not knowing if Elizabeth will or won’t cave into her sister’s request to go to Vegas with them. It’s probably one of the most interesting parts of the episode.

Luis, Molly

This episode goes over Luis and Marley‘s wedding plans and plans for the bachelor and bachelorette party. Luis, in this episode shows how uninterested he is in the planning of the wedding itself, and he’s more interested in his bachelor party, and comes off as immature and difficult.

Molly in this episode is shown preparing things for the “wedding”. She is also seen stressing over the wedding and Luis’ commitment issues. She believes that Luis doesn’t fully understand getting married is a major commitment.

Evelyn, David V

In this episode, David and Evelyn go to meet with Evelyn’s parents to talk about their future and the town Evelyn grew up in.

Luis is constantly comparing and belittling Evelyn’s hometown. Evelyn was worried about the interactions David would have with her parents knowing that he disapproves of her hometown and wants to leave.

Episode Two: “Love is Blind”, Season Two, Episode One

This episode of “Love is Blind”, they’re introducing the characters to each other. The characters are introduced in these rooms they call pods. You can hear each other through the walls, but you cannot see each other at all. That is the premise of the show, and the concept is smart, because rather than relying upon their looks in the relationship, they actually have to talk and get to know each other.

However, some in the show end up just asking people about their physical features, ruining the whole point.
The way the show is edited makes it feel choppy, the contestants will start and stop talking at weird times. I understand doing this to save time for each episode, but it makes the conversations feel less genuine.

I believe the show most appeals to those who aren’t as confident in their looks, but are confident in their character. The show shows them that some people might be able to look past what they consider to be their physical flaws and see their personality underneath.

Episode Three: “Naked and Afraid”, Season 14, Episode Nine

“Naked and Afraid” is a show about people being dropped off in various environments with no help other than a map, a fire starter, and something to carry water in and one item they can each bring. Unless absolutely needed there’s no help from anyone that isn’t a contestant. The point is to survive a certain amount of days by yourself or sometimes with a partner. The show tests the contestants’ fortitude and mettle, they have to hunt their own food, and make their own shelter.

On season 14, Episode nine of “Naked and Afraid” there are two pairs of contestants. Each team of two has one veteran, and one rookie. The contestants were Max and Michaelyn and Noah and Rylie. They had to survive 21 days in Nama Karoo, South Africa. The temperature heights were around 90 degrees and the temperature lows at night were below 40°.

Going into the competition they were all confident that they would make it out, but that was not the case. One of the veterans, Riley, hurt her foot on a hot core, and decided to leave the competition, disheartened, but not willing to give up yet.

Noah made it the rest of the five days without Riley and was able to meet up with the other contestants, Max and Michaelyn. Shortly after meeting up, they had a bit of a problem with getting food this made and the long road ahead to the Evec point made michaelyn consider exiting the proposition, but they were all able to make it in the end.

I believe the show shows what humans are capable of in a group or by themselves. This is real as reality TV gets. It shows real human emotion and frustration that shows these people who are brave enough to take on these challenges, and that makes you want to root for them.

– All photos are Creative Commons

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