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Jaguar Media encompasses all student publications at Midlothian Heritage High School, including the online newspaper – Jaguar News – and the yearbook – The Rosette. The 17 students who are currently on staff are responsible for bringing the most up to date and relevant news straight to the student body and the entire Midlothian community. The 2015-2016 school year at Heritage is one of building traditions, and that applies to Jaguar Media. We look forward to being the go-to news source for all things Heritage Jaguars.

Newspaper Managing Editors:
Ashlyn Byars
Courtney Cook

Yearbook Managing Editor:
Audrey Fernandez

Photography Editor:
Stephen Tometi

A/V Editor:
Jefferson Green

Design Editor:
Evan Crawford

Staff Members:
Mikayla Arevalo
Kaylee Campbell
Bailey Dunn
Lauren Gajdica
Shane Garcia
Xanthe Gurnicz
Abbigail Heater
Jade Jackson
Gabby Lopez
Morgan McNutt
Dakota Mosley
Christopher Munn
Kyle Penwarden
Hannah Potter
Erin Rivera
Greg Ross
Wesley Smith
Hunter Spears
Nathan Trillo
Breezie Weatherford
Kaci Wiens
Jack Williamson



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