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Jaguar Media encompasses all student publications at Midlothian Heritage High School, including the online newspaper – The Roar – and the yearbook – The Rosette. The current 44 students on staff are not only responsible for presenting urgent and relevant news, but more importantly to tell the stories of our community. The 2019-2020 school is all about making memories and carrying out traditions, and it is Jaguar Media’s duty to document these significant moments. It’s an honor to be the go-to news source all things Heritage Jaguars.

Newspaper Editors-In-Chiefs:
Lauren Curtis
Erin Green

Newspaper Managing Editor:
Isabella McAllister

Executive Producer:
Justin Green

Associate Producers:
Ellie Hodge
Braden Smith

Podcast Producer:
Ethan Painter

Photography Editors:
Griffin Thornton
Zachary Walsh

Yearbook Editor-In-Chiefs:
Gunnar Bundrick
Liz Haralson

Communications Team Manager:
Elizabeth Varga

Copy Editor:
Kenna Standridge

Staff Members:
Ayanna Alexander
Julia Alley
Cassidy Arterburn
Adam Bernal
Brandon Brijil
Bradlee Brunson
Brentyn Bumpus
Cade Cambell
Jerich Carbone
Jason Cathey
Noah Clayton
Audrey Coomes
Feliz Davis
Austin Emery
Kamryn Hatch
Sarah Haylow
Hope Lee
Shannon Ledford
Isabelle Linkous
Peter Olusanya
Gaberiel Peterson
Elliot Provost
Emilia Saint Loup
Alan Scheer
Hayley Shelton
Liam Smith
Camden Spradley
Minnie Vinidpongpun
Natalia Weeks

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About Us