SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: Making Politics Even More Comedic

Review of Saturday Night Live Political Skits


Lily Johnson, Writer

The political imitations performed by the Saturday Night Live cast are truly hilarious. This year, the ‘Dumb and Dumber’ star Jim Carrey played the role of President-Elect Joe Biden, while the humorous Alec Baldwin starred as President Donald Trump. 

These skits the cast puts on every Saturday night always bring smiles to the faces of the viewers. After seeing the presidential and vice-presidential debates of the 2020 Election, most people thought they were comedic. Then, the SNL crew made their own version, making the concept of these debates even more humorous. 

Vice Presidential-Elect Kamala Harris is played by the well-known Maya Rudolph, who stars in these political skits as well. 

Saturday Night Live always tries to put a comedic twist on everyday events, pop culture, and etc. Remember the fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during the Vice Presidential debate? Well, SNL covered that. Jim Carrey plays the fly in the debate.

In a few skits, Kamala Harris is nicknamed “Mamala”, due to her stepping in while Trump and Biden argue, attempting to break up the fight. 

In the past, Kate McKinnon has played the role of Hillary Clinton, Kellyanne Conway, and other large roles in these skits. She recently starred as the vice presidential debate moderator and host of the most recent town hall discussion with President Trump.

In the imitation of the Town Hall discussion with Joe Biden, Jim Carrey entered a new dimension in acting. Carrey did an impression of Biden as Mr. Rogers, and Bob Ross. Recently in the Vice-Presidential Debate skit, he also made a funny impression of Biden imitating Jeff Goldblum, which was a reference to ‘The Fly’. 

These skits are truly hilarious, and I recommend watching the SNL crew every Saturday night! You can watch many of their recent and past skits on Youtube. I have a really good feeling you’ll enjoy them!