14 Days of Valentine

Unique Gifts to Give That Special Person

Lauren Curtis, Newspaper Editor-in-Chief

As we all know, Valentine’s day is around the corner and finding the perfect gift is usually the hardest part of it all. Nobody wants to do the same stuffed bear and a box of chocolate gifts, but it’s the stereotypical gift for this holiday. Personally, I want to give my significant other something personal, but also try to stay on a budget. Here are some of my personal favorite ideas: 


1. 5 senses gift: although it may be tricky to find the perfect gift for each sense, however, when everything is put together, it looks adorable! Some examples for each sense would be: 

Sight: pictures, movie tickets, or even a cute letter

Touch: blanket, clothes, lotion, etc

Taste: candy or even gift cards for restaurants

Smell: candle, and perfume/cologne

Sound: speaker, concert tickets, a screenshot of a playlist you made of songs that remind you of them 


2. ‘Open When…’ Letters: there are so many of these on Pinterest, and it is definitely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. They are cheaper to do than most gifts, but they are also time-consuming. The options for the letters are endless, and they can go on for however long you want it to. 


3. Date Night Idea box: There are so many different ways you can do this! Whether it be a bunch of gift cards in a box or different ideas written on popsicle sticks, not only is it cute for Valentine’s day, but it also helps with future dates as well! 


4. Boxes of gifts that are all one color: I see these boxes all over the internet! People buy food, clothes, jewelry all of the same color and put it in a box and put a cheesy little saying on it. For example, if everything was yellow, the box could say, “Sending you a box of sunshine, just to brighten your day!” 


5. Personalized keychains: These are all over Pinterest! You can write your own saying on it, and now wherever they go they also have you with them. I’ve even seen ones with their pictures on it. 


6. An adventure shadow box: these literally take no crafting skills at all, and they are super simple. Look up on maps where you had your first date, kiss, ‘I love you’, etc, cut them out and arrange them to look cute on a picture frame. Easy and Cute!


7. A box within a box of pictures: As you take off the lid the sides of the box fall and it has pictures. You can make however many boxes you want, and finish it off with a gift on the very inside of the box. It looks cute, and is more personalized!


8.  Rose bears: I have one and it is the cutest thing ever. By far one of my favorite gifts! It’s a different outtake of the stereotypical roses and bears. 


9. A scavenger hunt: It doesn’t always have to be a gift, it can be a cute lunch date. Sometimes it’s about the adventure and the thought behind it, not the gift. 


10. Star map: Any date that you’d like it to be is then used for the picture of the star alignment for that night. You can add your own text to the bottom of it and what that day meant to you. (EX: when y’all first met, started dating, etc.) 


11. Socks with your face on it: Yes I said it. If your relationship is goofy enough or even cringy enough for this gift, you should do it! 


12. A heart-shaped box of Chick-fil-a nuggets: Who wants chocolate whenever there’s Chick-fil-a? Don’t forget to ask for dipping sauce! 


13. Puzzle with a picture of y’all on it: What better way to spend Valentine’s day than by putting the puzzle together and making a date out of it? 


14.  A whole day of dates: Sure, receiving gifts is nice, but valentines are about spending the day with your person. It’s about showing the other how much you care and even adore them. So, do a whole day of your favorite things and enjoy each other’s company.