“V-Wars” Review


Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Managing Editor

If I’m being honest, the only reason I decided to start watching this series was that Ian Somerhalder was starring in another series about vampires. “V-Wars” is a new Netflix original that is about a fast-spreading disease that ultimately turns people into vampires. It has an airy feel from the beginning, almost like a mystery of what they are trying to figure out what is going on. 

A biohazard waste matter is found when traveling to Antarctica, and Luther and his friend are exposed to it. But when taken into isolation, he requests the biohazard to be looked at by scientists, and all results come back inconclusive. 

One of the main characters predicts the outcome in the first five minutes into the first episode, while lecturing to a group of people. So first off I feel like we already know the outcome of the show. 

The graphics are just not very good and doesn’t seem realistic. I mean they are supposed to be in Antarctica, and it looks like we are slightly in a cartoon, it is just really obvious there is a green screen. But overall the acting isn’t bad. 

It takes a turn when they are let out of isolation, and the main character questions whether or not that is safe. He can tell something is up when his friend starts showing weird behavior. He has super strength, fast reactions, and confusion about why he is feeling different. 

I feel like they take on the senses of turning into a vampire is very much highlighted throughout. It feels like a more mature but cheesy twist on Vampire Diaries. There is just a weird vibe to their take on vampires. Their version of vampires is a zombie-like creature with too many teeth. Overall I don’t think I could finish watching the series. It is just too cheesy to finish between the graphics and over-exaggeration of hinting at vampirism. To me, it is just not my type of show, but if you’re into the sci-fi, dystopian, end of the world kind of show, then I recommend this or you.