God is Good, and I’ma Gonna Miss Y’all



How y’all doin’ on this fine day? I would like to say I’m slim chillin.

It feels like I’ve been in media forever not gonna lie, and I definitely don’t regret it. There’s a lot to be said for the amazing Mrs. Kidder and her wonderful class. I’ve wildly enjoyed being able to go into her classroom during 1st period and bother her every morning >:) Now that I’m leaving, I hope there will be someone still bothering her during 1st in the mornings 🙂 

For the staff: I’ve spent time in every class period, and they are all so different. However, I’m gonna miss them all.

TO the most quiet of the classes (YEARBOOK): I know it’s early in the morning, but y’all have got to hype it up a little 🙁 JKJK, I love all of y’all. I didn’t get to be in y’alls class this year, but I would like to say I still got close with some of y’all. AND I LOVE Y’ALLS FEARLESS LEADER (HANNAH)!!

TO POOP (POLARIS): HEY SHAWTY. I hope the Altoids can never betrays you, and I wish you the best 🙂 You’ve progressed so much this year and you’re so swag for that. 


TO Hannah and Madi: Y’all slayed for real for real. Madi, you are going to be a great leader next year, and I absolutely love your animal photography 🙂 And Hannah, I loved getting feedback from you because it helped me grow so much in my photography, and I loved getting to see you even though we were in different classes.

TO Avery: YOU SLAY!! I’ve loved being able to have you as my partner in crime >:) We’ve definitely had our moments, though I’m very glad to have had so much time with you. I wish you the best in college, and I know you’re gonna do great, ‘cause that’s just how you roll.

TO the argumentative gremlins in 3rd (NEWSPAPER): I hope y’all never lose your goofy lil’ bonds. Almost every time I stayed in that class, there were some l o v e l y debates going down (most likely stemming from Mac, Nat, Delaney, and Avery). 

TO THE LOUDEST CLASS EVER CREATED (AV): OH MY GOODNESS. I love that Avery and I (us sheltered little yearbookers) were thrown into the most rambunctious class ever. There is never a dull moment with y’all. I’m going to miss playing all the variations of Wordle ever created with y’all, but I can’t say I’m going to miss Semantle too much. I hope Jake LeRoy never stops being out of pocket.


TO Maggie and Landry: NEVER STOP BEING KIDDER’S DECORATORS! It’s very entertaining

IN THE END, The Lord definitely blessed me greatly with the opportunity to get to know all of y’all, and I wish the best for all of y’all. You are all extremely talented, and I know you will go far if you really want to. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend my high school years with.