A Fast Hello and an Even Faster Goodbye

A Fast Hello and an Even Faster Goodbye

I came to MISD in 5th grade and let me tell you it was a huge change. I never knew how
bad I was at math until I switched to public school. I joined Longbranch Elementary’s
news report/media team and it was the best decision my 10-year-old self ever made.
Who knew 8 years later I’d be doing the same thing my senior year?

Throughout high school, I always thought about joining the yearbook team but it never
really worked with my schedule until my last year at Heritage. I was honestly terrified I
wouldn’t make it because I’m not the greatest at designing things, but I soon found out I
was on the yearbook team. I had no idea what to expect going into Jaguar Media. I had
zero clue how to work Jostens properly until the second semester and if I’m being truly
honest, I still don’t know how to work it well. Despite all my fears, I found so many kind
souls on the team. The people who make up Jaguar Media have the best personalities
and are incredibly accepting of everyone. It was such a great environment to surround
myself in for my last year at Heritage.

I gotta say, I never realized how much work is actually put into the yearbook. I never
accounted for how hard it actually was to create an entire book. It was crazy to think
about all the little things that go into making just one page. First, you need your topic
and other topics that could be used on the page. Second, you need pictures, and
without pictures, you can’t do anything (the spring supplement’s track and field page
taught me that. We couldn’t do anything for a week and I was majorly stressing.
(Pictures are important, y’all!). Third, you need captions or feature stories which include
interviewing. Interviews were the bane of my existence. I asked a kid once, “Can you tell
me what’s going on in the photo?” and they said, “Swimming.” I then said, “Is there
anything else you wanna add to that?” They go, “No.” NO? I can’t write a caption with
just one word!! Anyways, you get the drift, interviews + me = no good. And lastly, the
headline. Can anybody tell me why coming up with a headline took longer than writing a
feature story? Regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed every part of making the pages in the
yearbook and I can’t wait to see our finished product.

I just want to give a special thank you to Mrs. Kidder. You’ve been so great to all of us
and I am so glad I got to experience at least one year with you as my teacher. Finally, I
want to thank all of y’all in Jaguar Media. You guys are amazing humans and I hope y’all
will continue to make Jaguar Media the best organization at Midlothian Heritage High

Thanks for making senior year great and memorable. I cannot believe the year is
coming to an end, so cherish every last moment you have here before it’s over.

Bye, y’all!