A New Subject


I don’t want to write this. It means the end of something irreplaceable is near, that the subject in my viewfinder is about to change. Alas, I must write this, for Mrs. Kidder needs a grade for seniors.

Thank you media room, for fueling my creativity and providing a space where the weird ideas in my head could be put on-screen and my once-in-a-lifetime shots could be shared with the world. Sidenote, that rug behind Mrs. Kidder’s desk is actually really comfortable, don’t wait as long as I did to sit on it. Thank you Danny Devito and Keanu Reeves and lens-36, you helped make my photos look really nice. I spent hundreds of hours holding you, looking through you at nearly one hundred events. I now see life through a viewfinder, and you were my first. 

Thank you photography team, each year you evolved, and each year you made me happy. I only knew the first rendition through a laptop screen, but I will always remember our virtual banquet. The second I worked with in person and gained incredible amounts of knowledge from, the very knowledge I will always use on my photography journey. The third I hold dearest to my heart — I will remember each and every member, their wonderful personalities, and the kindness they showed me when I was struggling. I will miss leading deadline recaps, showing them how amazing their work is, and photographing events with them. I will remember the joy they brought me every day, the lessons of trust and leadership they taught me, and most importantly having a hiccup attack during our field-trip. I will miss you photography team.

Thank you Mrs. Kidder, for trusting me to work as a virtual student and lead as a stressed-out AP student. Thank you for showing me grace when my thumbs gave out on me. Thank you for teaching me photography, leadership, perseverance, and how to work under an insane time crunch. I will miss you, but I will not miss the few days leading up to the yearbook’s deadline. 

Thank you Jaguar Media, for being a supportive, creative, welcoming community that allowed me to flourish, both as a photographer and as a leader. 

Bye bye!