The Season Finale


What a wild ride these past four years have been! I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet some amazing people who I now call my closest friends and some really admirable teachers. I’m not very talkative; I tend to be quite shy and introverted sometimes, but I’m glad to have slowly come out of my comfort zone over the years.

Graduation is right around the corner and I keep having these thoughts in my head, “Am I looking forward to college?” Absolutely! “Will I be successful in college or even graduate?” Hopefully. “Am I scared to be out there on my own and slowly venture into the real world?” Most Definitely. I wish I could travel into the future to see if these thoughts will ever go away, but for now, relying on time is the best option. What’s helpful is knowing that if I’m struggling with anything even if there’s the simplest solution in the world for it, I can still call and talk to the people that I rely on and who show that they really want to see me succeed.  

Each day I wake up for school, I’m always excited about when it’s time for me to go to Mrs. Kidder’s room for A/V Production, mainly because I take a LOT of naps in there. For crying out loud, I even earned the award “Most Likely To Take A Nap In The Media Room” during the Jaguar Media banquet in 2022! I’m just kidding, kind of. I’m glad I took this chance to take a class such as this because it opened up new doors for me if I ever want to pursue a career within the broadcasting/journalism field, taught me about time management, planning everything beforehand, etc. Jokes aside, Mrs. Kidder, the A/V team, Newspaper, Photography, and Yearbook, I wanna say thank you. Every single one of you is so full of creativity, kindness, love, joy, beauty, etc. The list goes on forever! Thank you for creating a variety of memories for me to look back on. You all are family to me, I love you guys.

Au revoir!