A Goodbye to Good Times


Well I made it here, and I really didn’t expect a lot out of high school. I’m really thankful for the four years I got with some of the most interesting and amazing people I’ve ever met. Firstly, I want to say goodbye to Ms.Kidder. She has been an amazing person to me and others around her since the day I met her. Being in AAVCT and Jaguar Media for all of high school really changed my perspective of school compared to the normal student. Almost everyday, I spend 2-3 hours sitting in the silly and goofy media room talking to all these weird goofy media kids, and I really felt bound to one thing, I really connected with everyone. I’m definitely never forgetting Ms.Kidder or Jaguar Media.

Majusta has been here for me since middle school when I first moved here. He’s always been my friend no matter the situation or drama, and I believe he’s a truly original and good person. I envy the people he will be friends with at Texas Tech, only because I wish I could continue my time with him further. 

Kate has been amazing to me all of senior year, and although I’m not saying goodbye to her, I’m saying bye to all the times we shared during senior year and how great she made it. 

Prom was so fun and I had an absolute blast acting bougie and chilling with my favorite people, I miss walking around Dallas and walking inside the Sheraton, hearing the music get louder as I walked into the ballroom. Best prom of my entire life.

Paris and Sean are two friends I never got to hang out with as much as I should have. Paris is so funny and says hi to me everyday in the hallways, and Sean and I are always finding new ways to talk to eachother, which is amazing considering they work almost everyday. They’re super nice and I hope I can find time out of the summer to see them.

Mr.Stephenson is never going to not be my favorite librarian. He is such a joy to be in a room with , and although he is waaay smarter than me, I love talking to him about really complex things and books and card games and anime and etc. In another life, I hope I’m like him. If I ever see him after I graduate, I hope he remembers me.

Okay those are all the main goodbyes of this year, and I have a final to review for, so Ciao. 😉