Let Them Go Hungry

People need to stop obsessing over celebrities


Photo by Mac Fleming IV

Celebrities sometimes talk out of turn in order to gain attention, so the only action to take in return is inaction. – Made in Canva

In modern society, the ability to sing well, look pretty or cry on demand grants a status equal to that of the British aristocracy. Due to the subsequent popularity and influx of wealth that these people receive, many of the supporters of these media personalities hang on to their every word.

That simply needs to stop.

I will use Kanye as an example of why because he stands as the perfect one. Yes, it is true that Kanye made “Graduation” and “Late Registration” along with the other great albums in his discography, but how in the world does that translate to having an informed political opinion?

Agreeing with the things Kanye has to say because you agree with his political opinions, even though they are ludicrously uninformed, is understandable but agreeing with him just because he is Kanye and a musician that you like is not a good reason to enable him. Accrediting celebrities simply because they are celebrities is something society should get rid of.

Putting celebrities on a pedestal and providing them with a platform for them to project themselves and their ideas that expand beyond what they are famous for is a recipe for disaster. It heightens the ego of people who are already living in a world that is now constantly stroking it. That much attention tends to give people wildly high amounts of self-importance. And everyone knows what egomaniacs can do when they are handed influence they do not need.

Giving sway to people that do not need that type of power has become a trend in the last couple of decades. And they are given this ability to actually effect real change when they are not equipped to be able to do so. Even still, after all of that is said and done, people are still hesitant to reflect on celebrities’ behaviors, whether they be positive or negative. But, the fact remains that it is important to call people out, no matter who it is, on their terrible behavior.

However, the deconstruction of celebrities and their lives has only left people more divided, on top of a list of other things, which constitutes a need to stop calling celebrities out on all of their behavior.

Everyone that comments on every single controversy is not changing anything. Instead, they are feeding into the trap of media attention. The phrase “all publicity is good publicity” comes to mind and it definitely applies in this case.

Celebrities depend on having eyes on them and people seem to forget that when they spend so much time addressing the things that come out of celebrities’ mouths or typed up for their social media. Having a reaction is fine, but the only way to end the cycle is by no longer nourishing the need for recognition that celebrity status requires.