Dogs Didn’t Win this Fight

Freshmen boys' basketball earn win against Venus


Rachel Cyers, Writer

Freshmen Boys’ basketball took the win against the Venus Bulldogs last Tuesday at home, earning the team an ending score of 76.  The team practiced great moves, such as long shots, swishes, and great passes that contributed to their win.

“We had pretty great defense,” Tyson Wiens (9) said. “We moved the ball really well throughout the game.”

While the game had wonderful movement, plays, and dedication, it still held room for improvement in particular areas. Some team members felt as though their defense wasn’t great, and some thought it was executed well in the fast-paced game.

“[We need to work on] better defense and fast breaks,” Luke Phipps (9) said. “We needed more layups, too. We had good shooting and offense.”

Venus came across as a very tough opponent to many, often battling with the Jags over the ball and having many aggressive offensive plays. Venus also had some great shots sprinkled throughout the game, such as a long shot taken at 70 feet. Nonetheless, they were not tough enough to catch up – or even tie up – with the Jags.

“Venus tried hard,” Spencer Childs (9) said. “I would not say they were a bad team, I would just say we had more skill in this particular game.”