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Liam Smith
Hi, I'm Liam (Smith obviously), and I have to write a bio. Unfortunately, there is nothing inherently interesting about me. So, rather than sit here and regurgitate my resume, I'm just going to write out of context movie quotes that I think relate to me. So, fun fact for you, “ogres are like onions, we have layers”. Layers? Ever wonder what that means? I mean do we all have some deep inner self? I don’t think so. I believe we are what we are. An accumulation of our actions and words. Maybe deeper is just an excuse we tell ourselves to justify the parts of us we don’t like. If you say that deep down you’re a good person, but never show it, how is anyone supposed to see that? “That’ll do pig, that’ll do.” In the end, all we need is assurance, someone to tell us: It’s okay. Life can be a series of self-doubts. Never feeling as if you’re truly good enough, but that’s self-destructive, isn’t it? No one can progress when they feel they aren’t good enough. So,  let someone know: that’ll do. Ya know, I think we could all relate when Blanche said: “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." For some reason, we want, we expect everyone to be kind simply for kindness sake. That’s not how it works though is it? People aren’t inherently kind, and asking them to be is quite selfish of us. It’s the approval of strangers that lift us up, yet keeps us trapped. Maybe the solution is the ability to change perspectives. Well, hope you enjoyed my bio and learned how rambly and jarring I can be. Well bye.

Liam Smith, Writer

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Liam Smith