Student Council

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Student Council

Ashlyn Byars, Staff Member

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In the Student Council meeting they discussed homecoming week, what theme each dress up day would be, and the homecoming dance; decorations and halloween or more casual themed.

The whole meeting was led by the first Student Council president at Heritage High School, Jessica Scheer (11). She made snacks for everyone and made it a very fun and eventful meeting. She is very qualified for the title as president.

“I love being the student council president.  At first I didn’t know what to expect but since this is our first year of having one [a student council] I think we can do whatever we set our minds to,” said Jessica Scheer.

Being apart of the very first Student council in a new school is a huge honor. You get to help decide what gets to happen and the traditions your school does.

“Even though I wasn’t apart of Student Council in middle school, I wanted to be more involved in starting new traditions at Heritage.” said Payton Avaritt (9).

Student Council members are given a certain standard to reach. They are encouraged to be the leaders of the school.

“I thought Student Council would be a good opportunity to show leadership in the school.” said Layne McKay (10).

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