Pirate Pep Rally was off the Hook

Ashlyn Byars, Staff Member

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People were walking out of the gymnasium saying “Did you see this,” or “Did you see that,” excited about everything in the pep rally. The Belles, the National Anthem, the football players, the volleyball players, and everything else. No one was negative about anything that happened.

The Belles had pirate themed costumes; a pirate high waisted skirt with a loose pirate shirt. They were jumping and leaping, twisting and turning, always something to look at. Everyone was impressed with all that the Belles did.

“My favorite part about the pep rally was when the belles performed,” Lannie Bonner (10) said. “I thought they did really good and I liked their costumes.”

Everyone was yelling to represent their class during the spirit contest. Each grade was separated into their own section for the competition. Each class was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think, but the juniors were just a little louder and prouder. They took home the victory.

“Sophomores didn’t win the spirit yell contest, which is lame.” Kellyanne Caldwell (10)  said.

After the spirit yell contest, there was another exciting competition. The teachers, juniors, sophomores, and freshman went up against each other. They played a game where they put an eye patch over one eye and walk the plank (a piece of paper) and  

had to run while pushing a balloon with their head until they reached the finish line, where they had to run back. Whichever team was done first would win. The juniors won their second contest in one day.

“My favorite part of the pep rally was the cheerleaders and their spirit for the school.” Ashley Brookes (11) said.

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