Students reflect on their families, feelings about Sept. 11

Ashlyn Byars, Staff Member

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Everyone embraces anniversaries in different ways. Some cry, some celebrate since the person they love is in a better place, some get angry, and some show their respect to those who sacrifice themselves for us. The 2,996 citizen who lost their lives on this day were many of different things-mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, policemen, firefighters, and just ordinary people who were running from the debris in the air.


The police officers and firefighters in Midlothian go to local military grave sights on Sept. 11 to show their respect to their fellow officers who showed bravery, courage, and hope.


“My grandpa goes and prays at my great uncle’s grave every year,” Jordin Shaw (10) said.


As the men and women who were trapped in the upper levels of the world trade center, waved the white flags for help and no one could get to them to help or bring them down. Everyone felt worthless and discouraged because they could do absolutely nothing to help the people burning above the flood the plane flew into.


“ I feels sorrow for the individuals because I can’t help them or the families, and they didn’t know that would be the last day they would see their loved one,” Lexi Kennedy (9) said.


People from all over the world were killed that day. Ninety different countries lost some of their own people. When the dads were seen off by their families or the mothers who were going on business trips, or grandparents that came to visit all passed and no one had a clue they would never be able to say goodbye again.


“This makes me cherish everything I have,” Kaitlyn Martin (10)  said.


The people on United Flight 93 put other lives before their own. When people started hearing about the World Trade Center crash and the Pentagon crash they started wondering, they knew that hijackers took over the plane and a few men made a plan to take over the plane. They distracted the hijackers and took over the plane, these people did not want anymore people to lose their lives so they put their own on the line. Instead of 100 or more people dying, 40 did because they made the choice to save lives.
“This showed bravery, courage, and hope,”  Joshua Savins (9) sad.

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