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Halloween Celebrations

How students celebrate the holiday
Photo by Alyssa Camp
Halloween is a holiday with Celtic origins. Now it is a beloved holiday in the U.S. where children dress up and get free candy. – Made in Canva

Halloween is a beloved holiday that is largely celebrated in the United States. The holiday originated as an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. On this holiday people would wear costumes and light bonfires to ward off evil spirits. Eventually through mixing of cultures this celtic tradition developed into what we now know as Halloween. Most kids now know Halloween as the time they get to dress up as their favorite characters, hang out with their friends, and get free candy. Although as kids get older they don’t go trick or treating as often many kids still celebrate the holiday. Ella Becker (10) says she celebrates the holiday by dressing up with friends and going trunk or treating

“The main thing I like about Halloween is getting free candy and dressing up for fun,” said Becker, “I stopped trick or treating a couple years ago, now I just go to the Halloween party at my church.”

Becker is dressing up as Luigi with her friend and also going trunk or treating at her church. Many kids like Ella celebrate through their church or with friends through group costumes. Other kids like Ary Parra (12) prefer to stay home on Halloween instead of going out.

“What I do to celebrate Halloween is, you know, eat candy, watch horror movies and just sleep in most of the time,” says Parra.

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While many kids go trick or treating or dress up, some don’t celebrate Halloween. One student, Julianna Stephenson (10) doesn’t celebrate Halloween due to her religion.

“I was taught that Halloween is a man-made holiday and that it doesn’t do anything to celebrate god”, said Stephenson , “I was taught that it actually celebrated multiple gods”

Although Stephenson doesn’t celebrate the holiday in a way that most would she still sometimes goes to church to dress up or get free candy.

“If you don’t celebrate Halloween but still want to dress up and get candy, you can go trunk or treating,” said Stephenson, “It can be really fun and just as good of an experience while not celebrating the holiday the way it was intended”

For many students Halloween is against their religion or beliefs. Some other students like Grace Wallace (10) go still participate in trick or treating or Halloween festivities even though it’s against their religion.

“I don’t actually like it because it’s against my religion,” said Wallace, “but I like to go for the free candy.”

Wallace is going trick or treating with her cousin this year and is dressing up as an FBI agent. All in all Halloween can be celebrated in many different ways and whether you celebrate it or not it can be a very fun and interesting holiday.

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