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I’m not really good with words or typing them out, so I’ll make this short so I don’t embarrass myself. First things first, I would like to thank everyone for being patient with me. I don’t really catch onto things that well, so I appreciate the ones that help me with that. I wasn’t that talkative during my first year in Yearbook (or just being in Jag Media at all), so I don’t know how you guys perceive me, but I hope I gave y’all a good impression. I enjoyed my years here and will treasure all the memories, the good and the bad ones. I hope the friends I made here are the friends I continue to be with in the future.

To Theo (Cassidy Rodriguez) —-> Thank you for being a good friend. I’m glad that I found someone with the same interest as me. You are a good person, and a beautiful person too. I hope you do well in the future. You are valid, and you don’t have to be ashamed of anything at all.

To Gabby (Gabrielle Postlewate) —–> Thank you for making being in Yearbook fun. I enjoy your company and your enthusiasm. I hope you continue to be a bright star to everyone who needs it.

To Bella (Isabella Moreno) —> Thank you for helping me with my work. I hope I didn’t give you too much trouble.

To (Brynn Webber, Hannah Espinoza, Kaylee Roland, Xara Comstock) —-> We haven’t spoken much, but when we do, I enjoyed those moments.

And to everyone else, I hope you enjoy the good years to come and succeed in whatever you do! (except if you become a bad person, like a murderer or something, then I wish you burn in hell ?)

?I hope to keep in contact with you guys?

Instagram—> @npcparadox

Discord(cause why not)—> TheUnknownParadox #0500


I’m not finished yet.

Shows/Books you should Watch/Read:

  1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
    •  (Rating PG-13? Maybe?)
  2. Devilman Crybaby
    •  (Rating R, definitely R. It’s really good tho! And sad, very sad)
  3. The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System (SVSSS) 
    •  (Rating PG, cause the censored the good stuff ?) (Read the original book for the full story!)
  4. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (MDZS)
    •  (Rating, also PG, cause they censored the good stuff ?) (Read the book for the real story!!) 
  1. Heaven Official’s Blessing(TGCF)

(Rating, the same as above. Read the novels!!!!)

  1. Silent Voice

(Rating i’ll say PG, TW: attempted suicide, Bullying, that annoying girl in the black hair (not the little one) (It is very good and sad)

  1. Erased

(Rating, I’ll say PG, it is a Really good show!! Plenty of plot twists!!) 

  1. Seraph of the End! 

(Rating PG-13, It’s really good! To be honest, the storyline doesn’t make any sense, only watch/read it for the vibes and characters, especially Mikaela and Yuichiro) 


Groups you should stan!!!

  1. My one and true ULT, Ateez!!!
    1. Ateez is a South Korean boy band formed by KQ Entertainment. The group consists of eight members: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang❤️, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho. 


  1. Tomorrow by Together, or TxT for short!! 
    1. Tomorrow X Together, commonly known as TXT, is a South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment, now known as Big Hit Music The group consists of five members: Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun❤️, and HueningKai. 


  1. Xikers!!! They are pretty new, so much to look forward to though!!! 
    1.  Xikers is a South Korean boy band formed by KQ Entertainment. The group consists of ten members: Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Junghoon❤️, Seeun❤️, Yujun, Hunter and Yechan❤️. 


I hope you all enjoy Jaguar Media in the years to come!!


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Here’s a picture of Yeosang! Isn’t he pretty?