Christmas Controversy

Thanksgiving Marks the Beginning of the Holiday Season


Photo by Gabriela Whitt

Fall is still in session, y’all, so just calm down. Made in Canva by Gabriela Whitt.

The controversy on when the Winter celebrations should begin is formed around if Thanksgiving is a Fall holiday or not. However, it differs from person to person. Some people believe that the holiday season starts right after Halloween, while others like me, believe that Fall decor should come down after Thanksgiving.

Every year halfway through September I come home on a Friday afternoon and the house is decked out with Fall decor. The fall scented candles are all burning in their own spaces making every inch of the house smell like the season. Like clockwork, I only have a month and a half to enjoy this atmosphere.

When November comes, Fall is put on pause and Christmas takes over with the force of a Ram 1500. Thanksgiving is all but forgotten and instead of shades of orange, red and yellow setting the scene for the season you have Kris Kringle there with Christmas carols playing softly in the background as you eat your turkey and green beans.

Contrary to popular belief, when the spooky season is over the Fall festivities have yet to conclude. Thanksgiving is a Fall holiday, and takes place in November. However, people start decorating for Christmas on November first like Thanksgiving doesn’t exist until the week of.

Thanksgiving is an important holiday that brings family to town and food to the table for everyone to enjoy. Thanksgiving tends to be overlooked until the week before it occurs, and part of the reason is because retail stores and advertisements on TV are smothering us with Christmas releases like drinks, music and decor. Christmas is overpowering Thanksgiving in every way. Instead of thinking about Thanksgiving plans when November begins, people are thinking about how they’re going to decorate their Christmas tree this year.

Scientifically speaking, the official Winter season doesn’t begin until December 21 of this year, which begs the question: Why are we beginning decorating for Winter over a month and a half in advance? It could be because of the temperature dropping when November rolls around, but the 40-60 degree weather we’re getting this year so far is hardly Winter worthy.

In conclusion, the decorations around the house should match the season you’re in at least until December first. Leave room for the Fall vibes until Thanksgiving is over. They deserve their time to shine while they can!