State Fair Festivities

Students Attend the State Fair of Texas


Photo by Abby Amick

Student, Abby Amick (10), stands in front of Big Tex with her family at the State Fair of Texas. Amick explains her favorite festivities to do while at the fair. “I like to play arcade games and [go through] funhouses,” Amick said.

After a 24-day run, the fried food, Ferris wheels and fun-filled activities at the State Fair of Texas came to a close for the 2022 season. Almost 2.5 million people attended the fair this year, including many students.

Kaylee King (10) described how the fair is an annual event for her. Riding rides and getting family caricatures done each year have become a custom for her family.

“I go every year with my family,” King said, “and we do traditional things while we’re there.”

Since its establishment in 1886, the State Fair of Texas has been known for promoting and celebrating all things Texas related. Entertainment, food and agriculture all make up the iconic festival.

“I went at the end of September for the goat show,” Maci Wimbish (12) said. “I go every year to show my goats there because I’m in 4H.”

The State Fair of Texas offers a variety of entertainment opportunities, and Abby Amick (10) recounts her favorite and least favorite ways to cash in her tickets.

“I like to play arcade games and [go through] funhouses,” she said, “but I don’t do roller coasters.”

While the rides and games are an exciting part that attracts many younger Texans, the food is a state fair staple.

“My favorite part of the fair is the food that I eat,” Wimbish said. “[This year] we went and got a corndog from Fletcher’s…and Dr Pepper of course.”

The State Fair offers a variety of cuisine options, but it is famous for copious amounts of fried food. Fletcher’s famous corn dogs, funnel cakes, oil-covered butter and Oreos all made their appearance this year. Although the assorted foods are famous for many, some believe the excessive frying is a bit too much.

“I don’t really like state fair food,” King said. “I don’t really like a lot of fried food, hotdogs or corn dogs.”

While the greasy food is not for everyone, one reason the fair continues its raving success year after year is its ability to appeal to all. With 227 acres of Dallas being filled with Lone Star culture, anyone can find something to enjoy during their trip.

“I always enjoy [the activities] at the fair because they’re just so exciting there,” Wimbish said. “It’s so fun trying the new things [at the state fair].”