From debut to “Midnights”

Ranking Taylor Swift’s Albums


Photo by Ezra Baze

While waiting for the release of Midnights, Taylor Swift’s tenth album, I ranked all of her albums in order from worst, to best. – Made in Canva

After months of the anticipated release of pop singer Taylor Swift’s 10th album, “Midnights,” the 13 tracks and seven bonus songs hit all streaming platforms on Oct. 21. To pass the time while waiting for the release, I decided to rank all of Taylor’s albums to-date from my least favorite to favorite based on production quality, skipability and, of course, my personal taste.

Note: This ranking will not include albums not owned by the singer if they have a re-recorded version.

10. “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” (2021)
Starting at the bottom is “Fearless (Taylor’s Version).” While this album is not bad, it is not my favorite. Out of all the albums, this one included the most songs I would skip. Nevertheless, I still love the overall vibe of the songs produced, and they will always hold a special place in my heart just, unfortunately, not a special place on this list.

9. “Taylor Swift” (2006)
Second to last is Swift’s rootin’, tootin’, cowboyin’ debut album, “Taylor Swift.” While I do not consider myself a country gal, something possesses me when I listen to “Picture To Burn,” and suddenly I am dancing like I am at a honky tonk. “Taylor Swift” is one of the most danceable albums she has ever made, but the production quality and themes of the tracks are not Swift’s best work.

8. “Evermore” (2020)
The sister album to “Folklore,” “Evermore,” is ranked at number eight. Similarly to “Folklore,” “Evermore” has mature themes and melancholy melodies. It sits lower on the list than “Folklore” though, because it feels very similar to its sister album with nothing new to add.

7. “Red (Taylor’s Version)” (2021)
I placed Swift’s longest album, “Red (Taylor’s Version),” at No. 7. While the album has nothing wrong with it, the tracks “From The Vault” carry the rest of the record. For example, “All Too Well (10-minute version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” dismantled my belief that I could never love a song over six minutes long. This album also contains some of the most iconic songs of our time, “Red (Taylor’s Version)” and “Stay, Stay, Stay (Taylor’s Version).”

6. “Speak Now” (2010)
“Speak Now” holds a special place in my heart and is spot No. 6 six, right below the middle of this list. For the majority of Gen Z, “Speak Now” contains many of the first Taylor Swift songs we heard or at the least thoroughly enjoyed and related to. While it’s highly nostalgic for me, a few songs have become skippable over the years.

5. “Lover” (2019)
Just outside the top four is Swift’s first fully owned album, “Lover.” This album is just as it sounds, 18 songs filled with lots of love (and a hint of excruciating pain every couple of tracks). “Lover” contains many great examples of songs with upbeat vibes and the most depressing lyrics. However, it lacks something I cannot quite put my finger on, which is why it stays at number five.

4. “Folklore” (2020)
At lucky number four is 63 minutes of sheer pain, also known as “Folklore.” As if 2020 could not get any more depressing, this album was released and sent tears ricocheting across the world. The themes in this album are more mature than Swift’s previous upbeat pop love anthems, making it harder for me to relate to personally. That being said, though, all the songs are absolutely beautiful and reflect the talent she has for songwriting.

3. “1989” (2014)
Sitting at number three is Swift’s most well-known album, “1989.” The best way to describe this album is with three words. Main. Character. Energy. “1989” is the album for rolling down your windows on a warm summer night and screaming “Wildest Dreams” at the top of your lungs. What keeps this album from the top, however, is two songs: “Welcome to New York” and “Shake It Off.” These tracks are, in all honesty, overplayed and unfortunately hold the album back from its full potential.

2. “Reputation” (2017)
In a close second is Swift’s controversial comeback album, “Reputation.” While this choice is not popular, it was the easiest for me. This record is one that I can confidently define as a no-skip album, containing no songs that I would not listen to or scream the lyrics to when played. This album’s shady, confident and rebellious undertone makes it an entertaining listening experience for all 55 minutes. Although it is much different from her previous and following work, the 15 songs can make anyone dance and scream simultaneously.

1. “Midnights (3am Edition)” (2022)
At the top of my list is Swift’s brand new release, “Midnights (3am Edition).” Although it has only been a short time since its launch, this album has undoubtedly blown me away. From the upbeat tunes in “Karma” to the deep sorrow in “Bigger Than The Whole Sky,” the album is packed with variety, which is one of the main reasons why it is number one for me. It again shows Swift’s genuine talent for storytelling through songwriting and is an enjoyable listening adventure from beginning to end.