Splatoon 3 Is Different In Only The Best Ways

Sequel to popular video game proves to be a success


Photo by Kate Busse

Splatoon 3 released for the Nintendo Switch on Sept. 8, 2022. – Made in Canva

Since the release of “Splatoon 3” for the Nintendo Switch on Sept. 9, fans have been hyping the game up all over social media— and it’s for good reason.

“Splatoon” players have noticed many changes and similarities between the old games and their new successor. Players are given an option at the start of the game to customize Agent 8, the character that they’ll be playing as throughout the campaign. Unlike the previous games, there is a new option allowing the character to become an octoling rather than an inkling if desired. Other new cosmetic changes include additional hairstyles and new outfits that can be bought with in-game currency. 

Just like with the release of “Splatoon 2,” Nintendo has promised new paid DLC in the future, much like “Splatoon 2’s” Octo Expansion Pack, which was a huge success among fans. Another similarity the two games share is a news broadcast upon opening a game. The broadcast includes the current maps for each game mode, game updates and current events. 

A lot has changed since the last game as well, though. Beloved fan-favorites Pearl and Marina no longer are in charge of announcing the current maps, leaving some fans disappointed. Other fans are raving over the two new characters taking their place: Shiver and Frye. This new installment in the series also includes an all-new campaign that features both past characters and new characters. 

Nintendo will also be actively updating “Splatoon 3” for as long as it stays relevant, which is a refreshing feeling for players who haven’t seen a major “Splatoon 2” update in a very long time. Along with these updates, more Splatfests will also take place in which players pick a team and compete against one another.

The new game proves to be a success thus far, with IGN rating it an 8 out of 10 and Metacritic giving it an 83%. One of the most common factors of the new game that tends to deduct from its total points is recurring communication errors, but this seems to be an issue that will be fixed as Nintendo works out the bugs. At least, players hope.

I personally love this game. Aside from actual gameplay components, the soundtrack and art style are huge highlights of this game. Vibrant colors and cheery music stimulate the eyes and ears in a way that brings the whole game together. The game as a whole keeps me intrigued and entertained for hours at a time, and I’ve found it’s a great way to connect with friends. If you’re pretty competitive, however, it’s also a very good way to ruin your friendships. Be careful.