One Last Time


Maxie Eller, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

My last story for The Roar is finally here. This is crazy. I feel like it was just yesterday that I started my first day in Jaguar Media way back in sophomore year. Lauren Curtis was the one who first welcomed me to the newspaper and showed me the ropes. She and Erin were the ones who sat down with me at the end of the year and told me that they knew I would go far in Jag Media. Now here I am two years later. 

Newspaper has meant a lot to me. The people that I’ve met, the places that I’ve been, and the opportunities that I’ve had have shaped me into the person that I am today. I remember the media room being almost silent during sophomore year. Lauren and Erin were intimidating and Isabella didn’t interact with me much so I was slightly scared of her too. Still, that was the year I met Julia and bonded with her and Sarah Haylow as we huddled together on our side of the room. 

I think junior year was when I realized what I wanted media to look like. Isabella was our editor-in-chief and I loved working with her and Julia as editors. Newspaper felt like a family. A loud, crazy family yes, but a family nonetheless. Isabella showed me what it looked like to be a leader and I still look up to her. 

This year I’ve tried my best to lead the newspaper team and I think that I have succeeded for the most part. We’re a strange bunch of writers and videographers, but we’re a family. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was an honor to work alongside such an amazing group of people. 

My high school experience wasn’t what I thought it would be. I moved to Heritage in the middle of my sophomore year and it felt like my world was starting over. I’ve grown since then. I’m not the same person that I was when I walked through the front doors of Heritage for the first time. This school has changed me. Being involved in so many different organizations and groups has allowed me to feel like I’m a part of Heritage and that Heritage is now a part of me. I’m proud to say that I graduated as a Heritage jaguar. 

To my staff: Thank you guys for making my senior year one to remember. Thank you for working with me, listening to me, and writing so amazingly. I know it wasn’t easy, but we did it together. I’ll always remember Marco and Noah’s jokes making my day brighter every day. Alexandra’s quiet but calming presence. Landon’s thoughts and memes. Mac and Julia debating everything under the sun. Avery’s bright presence. Avery, I know that you and Mac are going to be incredible leaders for the newspaper next year and I wish you all the best. I’ll always be here for you both if you ever need anything. 

To Julia: I’m so glad that you stuck with me for all of these years. I didn’t know it sophomore year, but you’re one of the reasons why I love newspaper so much. Thank you for letting me voice my ideas and thoughts and giving me advice. Thank you for being not just my editor, but also my friend. We’re an interesting duo, but we made it work. I couldn’t have done this without you and I’m so grateful to have you in my life. 

To Mrs. Kidder: Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and an amazing person. I couldn’t have done any of this without your wisdom and support. You took the time to teach me how to not only be a great writer and editor but also how to be a leader and supporter. You laughed at my bad jokes and encouraged my outside-the-box thinking. Thank you so much for everything and I have loved every minute of your class. 

To my teachers: It’s been a rough ride, but thank you for helping me through it. Mrs. Ross, thank you for letting us take over your room this year during lunch and for keeping it real. Ms. Taylor, thank you for working with us and making me actually enjoy science. Your class was one of my favorites. Mr. Coomes, don’t ever change. Your enthusiasm for literature and your passion for teaching are unparalleled and you always make me smile. Mr. Owens, your class was hard, but it was worth it. Thank you for encouraging me to form my own opinions of the world and how to think critically. To all of my other teachers, thank you for everything. 

To future media members: Joining Jaguar Media was one of the best decisions of my life and I hope that you’ll grow to understand how amazing this program is. Don’t be afraid to dream big, think outside the box, and make mistakes along the way. From one media kid to another, this really is one of the best things about Heritage. 


So, yeah. I guess this is it. Signing off one last time. 

Your Newspaper Editor-in-Chief, Maxie Eller