Time To Skedaddle


Marco Villarreal, Writer

My name is Marco Villarreal and I will most likely be graduating from high school at the end of this school year. The suspense is killing me. I’ve been constantly struggling to maintain effort towards assignments for four years straight, and the idea that it’s all ending in under three weeks is mind-bending as I fear and welcome the change that not having high school to keep me grounded will have on my life

Remembering my freshman year of high school I feel like in a lot of ways I’m the same Marco that came into the school. I’m still extremely funny, handsome, charming, influential, humble, and so much more I couldn’t possibly begin to get into. While staying the same, I’ve absolutely changed for the better by getting some swag, a better haircut, and a cat. It’s been difficult going through high school knowing that I’m staying the same while improving myself but watching everything and everyone change around you, completely out of your control.

Constants in my life have meant the world to me throughout my high school years and my life in general. Mrs. Ross is the number one best teacher in the entire world and has been the greatest mentor that I could ask for at school. Having her for two years and doing great on her AP test leaves me qualified to say that she’s a really good teacher on top of being personable and fun to be around. Every day, coming to her class and eating my lunch in her room has left me a feeling of constancy and comfort being around her and has helped me through my high school years, and continues to help me.

Secondly, my friend Ben who has been one of my closest friends since over 12 years ago has seen me every step of the way from elementary school through high school and it’s great to be able to look back on my childhood with a face outside of my family who has never left my side. 

Heritage has been a great school and will influence me throughout much of my life forever after. I have become completely entranced by jaguars and only wear red and silver now.

Jag Media has been fun while it lasted and Clive will forever have a place in my heart.