The Finale


Bradlee Brunson , Photography Editor

I have spent four years at this school, and the only thing that made me come to school was media. Even through Covid, Mrs. Kidder and the media staff always made my day. When I started photography I was awkward and shy, but through three years of being on staff and being forced to talk to people, I have become awkward but extroverted. I have had the pleasure of being a photography editor and seeing my staff grow and become close. I have made many friends over the years, and am happy that they helped make me into the person I am today. I want to thank Mrs. Kidder for giving me a chance and letting me into Jaguar Media. I will miss this team and the memories I have made, including accidentally dropping a tub of water down the elevator. I will always remember the lessons I have learned as well, such as it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to, you will go out and get interviews/pictures of the student body. I will also miss my camera, Danny Devito.  


To Mrs. Kidder: Thank you for being a mother figure to me and letting me be the version of myself that I don’t get to show very often.

To Jaguar Media: Thank you for accepting me and teaching me that we are all weird at heart. 

To the photography team: I worked very hard to build this team up and as I leave and look back on my staff I am very proud of each and every one of you. I hope that the photography team continues to grow and produce award-winning photos. 

To the rug in the media room: I will always miss the naps I took on you. You were always comfortable and welcoming to the people who needed to lie down to sleep. 

To Heritage: It was four years of losing and gaining friends, but I am happy to say…

Peace out, losers.