When Nothing Is Certain, Everything Is Possible

When Nothing Is Certain, Everything Is Possible

Erica Hajovsky, Photographer

When I was little I couldn’t wait to grow up. Being the youngest sibling I always looked up to my sister and brothers wanting to be an adult one day. I couldn’t wait to go to my first day of school, get my first phone, get my driver’s license and be able to drive, and reach all the milestones every little kid wanted. Now I’m facing the biggest milestone in my life thus far: graduation. I thought I would be more prepared for this moment considering how long I’ve waited for it, but I’m feeling more uncertain than ever. 









I’m no stranger to uncertainty. I came to Heritage High School not knowing a single person, not being aware of who I was or what I should do. I spent the first two years just staying above water and focusing on grades, but really had no passion or sense of belonging, then Kamryn Hatch, my best friend through all years of high school told me about Jaguar Media. I submitted my application of awful blurry photos that night. From that moment forward I found my home. Mrs. Kidder quickly became my favorite teacher with her encouraging words and understanding heart even when I probably didn’t deserve such forgiveness (like the time I broke a bottle of neon orange nail polish on the floor. Sorry.) The media room was my place of refuge these past two years. The group of people involved in this team felt less like classmates and more like family. I learned new skills and experienced more school spirit through the lens of a camera than my own eyes. I became more outgoing and learned how to better express myself through creative outlets like fashion and art, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Through the years I’ve grown and learned so much, so I figured I should share some of this newfound knowledge. 

1.Don’t let uncertainty get in the way of achieving something great. Caution can so easily become fear, don’t let it. Just go for it.

2. There is nobody that wants you to succeed more than your teachers. They are your guardians and your leaders, reach out to them, ask questions, start conversations. 

3. Don’t take criticism too harshly, it’s a critique on your work, not your personality. Take what people say and apply it to your life when beneficial, but be careful not to lose yourself in the process. 

4. Never take the people that stick up for you for granted, because you will mess up, everyone does, but what’s really important is that you fix it. 

5. Cherish every moment. Time goes by faster than you think. I know this last one is said too often and more than likely you will brush it off but it’s the most important thing I’ve learned. I’ll miss this school as much as I hate to admit it, but it’s made me who I am. These last four years I’ve laughed and cried and formed bonds and memories within these walls. I can’t wait to make new ones.