Out With The Old, In With The New

2022-2023 Leadership Team Named


After a series of form submissions, interviews, and thoughtful consideration, the new Jaguar Media leadership team has been announced. It is time once again to pass the torch on to the next group of leaders who have prepared and are ready to take on the challenges that media presents.

“I realized that I could have a leadership role and I took that opportunity because I really love both yearbook and journalism,” Avery Myers (11) said. “This year I was a new student to heritage and senior year I want to make sure that I’m taking part of what’s happening here at Heritage.”

Myers, who will be editor-in-chief of The Roar next year as well as a copy editor for the yearbook, is looking forward to the opportunities that come with being a leader in Jaguar Media. The future leaders take the new responsibilities very seriously.

“Being a leader means taking responsibility for the people on the team and their work,” Mac Fleming (10) said. “Not only do I have to upkeep my work, but I also have to make sure that everyone else is getting their work done too.”

Fleming will be managing editor for The Roar next year and wants to have a larger role in the editing process of articles. Current managing editor, Julia Alley (12) has been on the leadership team for the past two years and has offered words of wisdom to the new leadership team.

“The most important thing about being a leader is to talk to the people you are leading,” Alley said. “Every step of the way. Don’t just talk about things like, is this done then, but talk and help them. Being a leader is putting yourself in their position and taking on their work too. It’s being involved.”

Both Fleming and Myers already have ideas for how they want The Roar to be run next year. Their approach combines improvements that they want made as well as things that they want to continue doing.

“I definitely want to continue the environment that the newspaper has because it’s just fun,” Myers said. “You can go in there and be yourself and I don’t want to change that at all. New things I want to bring in is attention to deadlines. We need to make sure that we get things in on time and that they’re top quality.”

Myers and Fleming have plans to increase deadline importance, prioritize time management, and strengthen team bonds next year along with their regular responsibilities of writing and editing stories. Their plan is to make The Roar even better than it is now.

“I think Avery and Mac are going to be great,” Alley said. “They’re going to have no problem with this. They compliment each other with their writing. They both have that same passion for writing. It’ll be perfect.”