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National Honor Society Hosts Valentines Fundraiser


While love was in the air, the National Honors Society hosted a fundraiser giving students the opportunity to buy handmade Valentines cards. The cards were displayed for purchase the week before Valentine’s day and were then distributed by the NHS on the day of Valentines.

“I really like this fundraiser and I haven’t really seen something similar done at Heritage,” NHS President Hannah Hamiltion (12) said. “I definitely think it’ll brighten people’s days to receive one and it could become an annual event that people look forward to every year.”

Although this was the first year that the National Honor Society has hosted such an event, the results were very gratifying. The NHS members enjoyed making the thoughtful cards and many students bought them.

“I know my NHS students loved making the cards and they had a good time,” NHS sponsor and English teacher Stephanie Prewitt said. “It looked like the selling of the cards was just a good opportunity to socialize and be excited about something that we haven’t done before.”

The cards were sold at very reasonable prices ranging from 50 cents to two dollars, which is cheaper than most cards sold in stores. This encouraged students to exchange more heartfelt Valentine’s day cards while also benefiting the National Honors Society.

“It gave people more opportunities to give more homemade, special gifts for someone other than the basic, store bought card, and by giving one Valentine to another, we’re connecting people,” NHS member Taryn Stinchcomb (12) said.

At its core, the National Honors Society is meant to connect people through community service and outreach programs.

“Our NHS chapter prioritizes service, both in the school and the community,” Hamilton said. “Serving our school and the Midlothian community puts our faces and organization out there and allows us to show that we care for the place where we live and attend school. Along with being able to serve the community and brighten their day, the personal satisfaction gained from serving our community is very rewarding and helps expand the outreach our organization has.”

For this fundraiser, the NHS plans to give back the money earned to a very special family in the community. The National Honors Society collected about $150 which will all be given to the Clark family.

“Khloe Clark is a student here who was diagnosed with cancer fairly recently and it was a shock to all of us,” Prewitt said. “Both of her parents are coaches here in the district, so we just want to support them and lift them up. We know this is a difficult time for them, and their family is a part of the Jaguar family.”