What If You Checked Out This Show

Marvel What If…? Review


The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the nine episode series “What If…?”, which was released Aug. 11 on Disney+. The series ended on Oct. 6 with season two already confirmed to be in progress.

The series, which gives a new twist to beloved Marvel characters and storylines, was interesting to watch and a great way to explore more of the MCU. I liked the series as well as the concepts behind it and had fun watching each episode.

“What If…?” answers the question that the series is named after. Each episode covers a different scenario that could happen in the Marvel multiverse if certain situations were changed. Peggy Carter becomes Captain Carter instead of Steve Rogers becoming Captain America. The Avengers Initiative fails after its members are all murdered before the program can even start. T’Challa becomes Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill. Each episode presents a familiar Marvel plot but with a twist.

At first I wasn’t too sure about the show. As a Marvel fan I started watching because I felt an obligation to, not because I was really invested in the idea. I didn’t want Marvel to ruin the movies and characters that I already loved. As I continued to watch, however, my thoughts changed. It was actually entertaining to see which boundaries Marvel was willing to push and the different ways that the universe could expand. The series concept, while questionable at first look, is actually a lot of fun.

The animated series itself is also visually pleasing to watch. I like their style choice in the visual representation of characters that are usually portrayed by a live-action cast. It’s fun to see different characters and items in places that I wouldn’t expect them to be.

While yes there are some plotlines that are seemingly random ideas that the writers just wanted to test out for laughs, for the most part the plot was cohesive and made sense. Even though each episode was vastly different from the one before it, they all felt connected and part of a bigger picture.

All in all, I enjoyed What If…?. It’s a creative new way to showcase characters that fans already know and love and a way to keep the MCU moving forward. I would recommend at least trying it out.

What if you did and actually liked it?