Theater Department Stages A Murder Mystery

Heritage Theater Performs Clue


The theater department performed the murder mystery play Clue on Friday, Oct. 29 and Saturday, Oct. 30. The performances included dinner and interactive games for guests to play during the show.

“I felt very proud of our performance, our dress rehearsals weren’t looking too promising but many people including us enjoyed it so much, some people even encouraged us after the show telling us it was their favorite show they have seen,” Kaleb McAlister (12) said.

Clue, based on the board game of the same title, follows the story of six dinner guests who are forced to solve the mystery of their host’s murder while trying not to be killed themselves. The theater department held three performances, one on the 29th and two on the 30th, between two casts, A cast and B cast.

“I auditioned for Miss Scarlet because she is just so witty and sarcastic like me,” Rhegan Burkart (11) said. “I had a lot of fun working with everyone. Some days were long, but in every rehearsal I can remember something that made me laugh.”

Auditions took place during the theater class period. Each acting hopeful was given a monologue to read and a chance to showcase their abilities.

“I originally auditioned for Mrs. Peacock and had a monologue about a lady crying about her dishes,” Paige Miller (12) said. “I was pretty surprised about the cast list though and Mrs. Brown told me she had always seen me in the role of Mrs. White and in the end I agreed with her.”

Students practiced for multiple hours after school and on the weekends in preparation for the play. The cast and crew battled through injury, illness, and a multitude of technical difficulties. Still, they pulled together to deliver Clue.

“I was very stressed while working in Clue because we had a few big bumps in the road and got kind of behind, but I knew we would pull it all together,” Burkart said. “The hardest part of Clue was learning to function without my wig falling off. Overall, I feel as though my performance went pretty good. I didn’t miss any lines or entrances.”

Clue garnered sold-out performances and positive reviews from the audience. Guests were treated to a spaghetti dinner with the show and were served by the students.

“I think it went really well,” Miller said. “I got a lot of feedback from people telling me this was their favorite show. I remember at the start of it we really struggled with teamwork and relying on each other, but near the end we all came together and now we are stronger than ever before.”

The theater department’s next production will be the Wizard of Oz. Auditions are open to all Heritage students and will take place Nov. 8-11 after school. Posters with more information can be found throughout the building.

“I love theatre, performing is my favorite joy in the whole world, and this class has given me the opportunity,” McAlister said. “I have been lucky to do it since middle school and grow as an actor with it. Theatre has become another family to me. If you have any interest in any part of the performing arts, Theatre is the best entrance to that. It can be difficult at times, but just like anything it’ll be hard but pay off.”