Canning Productivity

How Energy Drinks Are Impacting Teens

Canning Productivity

There’s a monster within the walls of Heritage. Well, a Monster energy drink that is. Energy drinks have become increasingly more common as the school year progresses and their popularity has raised some questions about the merit of such drinks and their impact on teens

The National Library Medicine noted in a 2018 study that more than 40% of teenagers consumed energy drinks on a regular basis. Energy drinks such as Monster, Red Bull, Bang, and Celsius, among others, are popular among teenagers needing a quick energy boost to make it through the school day..

“I like energy drinks because school is exhausting and it’s a way to keep me awake,” Kylie Maloney (11) said. “Celsius is my favorite because it’s sugar free and is also good for a pre-workout. For me, energy drinks are not about energy most of the time and are more about needing a pick-me-up.”

Health experts claim that teenagers can safely consume up to 100 mg of caffeine per day. One can of Bang contains 300 mg of caffeine. Having too much caffeine can lead to heart palpitations, insomnia, fatigue, and anxiety as well as other health problems.

“I typically only have one energy drink per day, but used to fiend for energy drinks,” Brendon Newton (12) said. “Junior year I was having at least two a day and I was miserable. It can’t be healthy to have that kind of a surge of caffeine all at once. It should be a last resort.”

Others consider energy drinks as a way to cope with a lack of sleep and to bolster their energy for school.

“Energy drinks are good,” Shayla Wulf (11) said. “I drink three energy drinks most mornings. I like that they have the option to be sugar-free. The versatility of an energy drink is amazing too. I like Celsius or the Mango Loco Monster because it doesn’t taste like you’re having an energy drink.”

The $57.4 billion industry is set to only grow larger in the next few years with sales projected to increase even more. Students’ consumption of energy drinks is something that will last well into the future.

“My favorite energy drink is the Mango Loco Monster,” Newton said. “I love mango and I tend to like the tropical drinks more. Stuff like mango, pineapple, and guava. The energy drinks taste great and they work, but you reach your peak and then just crash.”