Undercover Artist

Heritage Assistant Band Director Plays In Local Band


Photo by Landon Pate

Small bands tend to go under the radar to most people who enjoy music and because of this, some are lost in the sea of newcomers. Although this is what can happen, a local band that assistant band director Jack Emery plays in has gained attention and is rising in popularity.

“It’s always really fun to get up at clubs and play really cool songs that people are actually really into listening to,” Emery said.

The lead singer of the band is named Celestial and l’amour is French for love so together the name means “heavenly love”. Their favorite genre of music is rock, but from time to time they like to play pop or punk music. Emery plays as the band’s bassist, carrying out the flow of music so that it’s more stable and fluid. In recent times they have also been on the front page of the Fort Worth Weekly newspaper as a result of their rising fame in the community.

“I was roommates with the drummer for two years at TCU,” Emery said, “and then I was in the band for a while and we were still really good buddies and mentioned that they had to kick out their bass player and so I was like, hey lemme get a shot. And apparently I was good enough so they let me stay.”

Emery has been able to pull off being in a band and be a teacher at the same time for a couple of months now. He focuses on time management in order to give his best to both school and the band. Still, Emery greatly enjoys playing in Celestial L’amour and has plans to continue to play in the future.

“I didn’t really think I would be able to do that as this is my first year of teaching, it was really exciting and nerve-racking,” Emery said.