Sigma Male Or Just Some Guy?

The Pseudoscience Behind Male Archetypes


The existence of types of men such as a lone wolf type like Sigma Males has proven to be a highly controversial topic among Heritage High School students. Differing opinions on the usefulness and morality of this classification system emerged from students, illuminating the intriguing and debated nature of this strange system.

“I do not agree with the premise of male types,” Sterling Martinez (12) said. “While most archetypes apply to classic depictions of men in media, they fail to hold up in real life. They have little to no real nuance, representing no one in any meaningful sense.”

Men in western society have adopted terms used by scientists for wolves like ¨alpha¨, ¨beta¨, and many others. Although the idea of wolves having set roles and attitudes that can be easily classified has been demystified and debunked, the prevalence of male roles and types in American society has persevered and evolved.

¨Most males could be categorized into a half dozen types,¨ Cooper Lucas (12) said.

Popular online videos boasting titles such as ¨10 Rules ‘Alpha’ Males Follow that ‘Beta’ Males don’t¨ from YouTuber ¨alpha m¨ garner impressive view counts well over 84,000, showing the prevalence of these ideas in American society.

¨It’s wrong to put a label on someone if they haven’t put it on themselves,¨ Bailey Grace Warlick (9) said.

Opinions differ greatly from person to person. Some, like Warlick, are relatively neutral, simply stating that these labels should not be forced onto anybody. Other people are vehemently advocative for the use of male types leading to the great variety of opinions this new topic can evoke.

¨Yes, I highly agree with the male types. They perfectly encapsulate the male gender,¨Henley Barnes (12) said.