Passing The Captain Seat

Kaden Brown Named Varsity Football Captain


That’s what Kaden Brown had going through his mind when the team picked him to help lead this season.

“It’s good that the team nominated me,” Kaden Brown (11) said. It means that they respect me.”

The team has played five games so far this season with a four to one win ratio after losing their fourth game, 28 points to 48 points. They did have a comeback game with homecoming where they won 49 to 13. However, the student body that attends games, as well as Brown, still has a good feeling about the rest of the season.

“I believe we are going to go far this season,” Spencer Sutton (10) said.

This season is different from last season where the Jaguars lost their first game before beginning a five game win streak, but from Brown’s point of view, only one thing seems to be different between this year and last.

“I mean it’s a little different,” Brown said. “I wasn’t a captain last year but I still played.”

Playing well this season is not just based on enthusiasm from Brown, his team, and their peers. Brown and the other Jaguars are actively thinking about how to play better and work tighter on the field.

“I think we are doing well,” defensive cornerback John Olusanya (11) said. “We played a lot of great teams and mainly came out with the win. Melissa on the other hand…they are a great team. They work hard, we work hard, they just worked harder than us and it was a tough loss, but we moved on and are working harder each day so hopefully by God’s grace it will be one of our only losses this season.”

Before their latest loss, the Jaguars had been consistently winning since their first game of the season on Aug. 27th. They won that game with more than double the other team’s points in a conclusive 50 points to 23 points final score. The game that really stuck with Brown was the game where the team won 48 points to 14 points.

“I think we’re doing pretty good with what we got,” Brown said. “We’ve got a lot of young players and we’re inexperienced too. But, I feel like we’re doing good. Good start to the year.”

Heritage students share in his enthusiasm towards what comes next for the Jaguars on the field.

“I think the season has been spectacular, everyone plays so well,” Elsie Toliver (10) said.

Brown thinks that the team could go far this year and he really believes in the people that chose him for his captain’s seat.

“I’m really excited,” Brown said. “I feel like we can go a long way if we get it together and communicate right.”