Students Celebrate Homecoming Week In Style

Students Dress Up In Theme For Homecoming Spirit Week

In an annual show of school spirit, students came in costume to their classes for Homecoming Spirit Week. These themed dress-up days were in celebration of the yearly homecoming game. Students dressed up in many costumes including pajamas, different decades, and their favorite movie and television characters.

¨Jesse, Jesse Pinkman from the hit TV show ‘Breaking Bad’,” Ryun Lis (10) said.

On an average school day, people really wouldn’t expect to be seeing Jesse Pinkman from the hit television show “Breaking Bad” walking throughout the halls with the rest of the students, on Spirit Week dress-up days, however, people absolutely can. Lis put this costume together for alter ego day taking the chance that dress-up days gave him to express himself in a way he described as fun.

“I like looking at all of the costumes and looking at other people have fun with it,” Jordan Lyons (11) said.

Some students like Lyons chose not to participate in the school spirit dress-up days, but still found enjoyment in looking at the people who did choose to dress up.

¨I’ll be glad I did it when I get to school,¨ computer science teacher Carter McClung said.

McClung dressed up as Buddy the elf as his ¨alter ego¨ and said he didn’t feel like putting the effort in to get into costume when he rolled out of his bed in the morning. He knew, however, that he would not regret it when he got to school and saw the effect it had on his students. He said that it brings joy to 20 percent of his students and disgust in about 30 percent of them but makes his day 100 percent more interesting.

¨I do enjoy Heritage dress-up days, I try to dress up as much as possible,¨ English teacher Terri Weaver said.

Weaver dressed as a goth for her alter ego, and called back to her younger days as a kind of indie kind of punk skater girl. Weaver very much enjoys dressing up for these days, attempting to do it as much as possible showing her love for these days. Weaver stated that she would love to see this tradition continue in the future and looks forward to more dress-up days.

¨Absolutely, I think it’s fun, builds community, and gives people something to point at and laugh at,¨ art teacher Layne Farmer said.

Farmer said that these days build community, contributing to the overall social health of the school and hopefully increasing the happiness of the students. Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Alter Ego Day, Wednesday was Book Character Day, Thursday was Decades Day, and Friday was School Spirit Day. Seniors had alternate dress-up days that were participated in.

¨There is a holiday based entirely around dressing up because people tend to enjoy it,¨ Benjamin Clarke (12) said.