Heritage Unplugs From MacBooks

Students Switch To Chromebooks For New School Year


At the end of the 2020 school year, MISD made the decision to switch from MacBooks to Chromebooks. This change was made in an attempt to fix many errors that often came up with the older computers. However, some students seem to be having even more issues with these new computers.

“MacBooks let me use the terminal to force mount,” D’Arius Bibbs (12) said. “They took crosh on the Chromebooks.”

Taking away certain websites and apps is causing unrest among some students. But perhaps once they are more used to the Chromebooks someone will find a new way to do all those things.

“Honestly I really miss the MacBooks,” Jake Schmerse (11) said. “I understand why they needed to switch but the old touchpads are far superior.”

People are having issues with certain elements of the new computers, saying that it was easier to use the trackpads the MacBooks had. There have been issues with it not moving how students were attempting to move it, and clicking when they didn’t mean to. However, other students have said that Chromebooks run much smoother and have more battery life than the old computers ever did.

“Their processor is way better than the MacBooks, and you can do a lot more stuff on it at once,” Andrew Levell (12) said. “Even though I don’t like the trackpad, the touch screen more than makes up for it.”