COVID-19 Cases Cause Concerns

COVID-19 Case Numbers Show Significant Increase


COVID-19 has seen a 17% increase in cases in the past month according to the CDC. With new variations of the virus such as the Delta and Mu variants, concerns over public health and safety are growing. Some students find themselves worried for their loved ones as cases rise once again. As of September 24th, Heritage remains in the Midlothian ISD green tier regarding COVID restrictions.

“My aunt, uncle, and cousins all currently have COVID,” Will Stanton (9) said, “and they can’t work from home because they’re all teachers and their district doesn’t allow social distancing.”

Students are theorizing about what could be causing the increase in cases that we’re seeing.

“I think that not wearing a mask is the main cause of this increase,” Victore Barcet (11) said.

However, others have differing explanations for the issue, some believing that the safety regulations imposed earlier in the year may even be the root of the problem.

“Everyone doesn’t have antibodies because of sitting at home for a year not doing anything and then going to work and school,” Matthew Tobin (9) said.

Regardless of what may have encouraged the spread of the virus, some students are experiencing the effects of it firsthand.

“My mom has worked on the front lines at the VA Hospital from even before COVID,” Alexandria McGimsey (10) said. “It’s taken a toll on her, not to mention the numerous family members that have died because of it.”