The Biggest Changes In Afghanistan

Taliban Causes Change With Newfound Power


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Starting in April 2021, President Biden started the long process of removing troops from Afghanistan, only for America’s long-standing enemy, the Taliban to seize control in their absence.

“I feel like it is a little bit ironic,” Colin Schumacher (11) said.

Endeavoring to signify the end of a twenty-year war, President Biden placed an order to start pulling out American military presence from Afghanistan. The plan originally included an August 31st deadline which has now been pushed indefinitely after being pushed to September 11th.

“Joe Biden already done messed up with that buddy,” Brandon Thomas (11) said.

After a major dent was put into the number of American military personnel still in Afghanistan, there was an official assessment made by analysts on how long the former government could hold off a Taliban attack before someone wrestled the majority of the power. The official estimate stretched from 30 days until 90 days, but it only took less than ten for the Taliban to take complete control of the government in Afghanistan.

“I feel that the US could have done more to intervene before beginning to pull away,” William Stanton (9) said.

In an attempt to finish the planned evacuation of American personnel along with any fearful Afghans that wanted to leave the country, the Biden administration began working with the Taliban to organize an evacuation effort. Supplied with a list of names of everyone who wants to get out, the Taliban has organized flights out of a Kabul airport. Currently, there have been about 125,000 to 130,000 people flown out of the country, but flights have been postponed as the CDC investigates a possible measles outbreak from passengers.

“If people want to leave, they have the right. If they feel unsafe, they should be able to go,” Monika Aguero (10) said.

There have also been restrictions placed on who can come from Afghanistan. At first, refugees were able to apply for a visa in the airport and could leave without issue. Starting on August 25, only green card holders, people that already have visas, and U.S. passport carriers were eligible for evacuation.

“I think everyone who is given that chance should take it,” Colin Schumacher (11) said.

The Biden administration even updated the list that they had given the Taliban to account for these restrictions. The Taliban has also not spoken about any intentions of closing their borders or keeping anyone in Afghanistan.

“I feel that America shouldn’t be withdrawing from Afghanistan when we have the power to eliminate the Taliban,” Jeffery Knapp (10) said.