Hello Future, Goodbye Past


Brandon Brijil, AV Executive Producer

Saying goodbye after all of these years makes me feel relieved that I’ve done it after fourteen gruesome years I’ve done it. Not many people knew who I was during those fourteen years; they usually knew me as the California man and never asked so it didn’t bother me that much. But I’ve always moved around, city to city as a kid and when I entered high school I moved state from state.

Back in elementary, I was a very talkative kid who loved playing with friends and had a great time hanging out with them. As I moved during elementary I thought I would never see them again but two girls who I knew at school were there which I was very happy to spend a bit more time with until middle school started which I had to move again. But during that time I could have cared less about school. I didn’t see a point in doing the work and learning it as well.

I made some more friends in middle school but during seventh grade, I started focusing more on school due to a great counselor/tutor and now a friend. But the cost that made me want to study more was that I started to not talk as much, I would be focused on schoolwork then interacting as much with my friends.

At the start of my freshman year at Canoga Park High School, in between the great Los Angeles River (you have to be there to know what I mean), I started off going to summer school to get a class out of the way. It was also a time to meet new people and make new friends. Sure enough, I did and had fun. I didn’t feel lonely when I entered high school. I knew people and hung out with them a lot. But these two complete losers came into my life, Afrodita and Bella, which made it a lot better for me to interact more and not be the listener in conversations but be the speaker in them. Without them, I would have had no clue how to blend in and interact with different groups in high school and make new friends that I had no clue was possible.

After freshman year ended I nearly knew one-third of the school but then I moved to the lone star state, Texas. I landed in Texas on the first day of school and went to my class and there was a white man with funky hair and his name was Beau Bumpus. We didn’t talk for a couple of weeks until he invited me to eat with a couple of friends at lunch and then I told him I knew a couple of popular people and I own a meme page which he was ecstatic about which then we became best friends. Spanish two I met Isabella McAllister who introduced me to the media first, which I gave some thought. But then Beau Bumpus recommended that I get an interview, which I got in with only making short video clips and posting on my meme page.

Junior year came around and I met the world’s greatest losers in the same room making a poster. Eleanor Hodge and Madelyn Roberts inevitably became my best friends throughout my school year. Senior year was different from previous years, but we were able to get through it together. Thank you Mrs.Kidder for putting up with us goofballs for the past two years. Thank you A/V team for entrusting The Roar to me and Ellie. We loved doing it, but this season must come to an end soon. Thank you, Beau, Maddy, and Ellie for being my best friends in high school. 

“You know I’m not always going to be around to help you”-Charlie Brown