Life Moves Pretty Fast


Maddy Roberts, AV Team Member

It’s easy to put a bad rep on high school. And sometimes that can be true when you’re stressed about a test or worried about an assignment. But that’s not what High School is all about. It’s about learning about the person you are becoming. Heritage has taught me a lot about the person I want to become.

Before I moved to Midlothian I lived in a very small town where I went to a very small high school. I didn’t enjoy going to school because I felt trapped in being a certain person. When I first came to Heritage I was extremely shy. I didn’t want the students to know who I was really. But I was surprised when I met some amazing people and was able to become who I am today.

The people who stick out to me the most are my friends in my media class and church. In media, I met Ellie, Brandon, and Beau who made my first and last year of media great as well as my other classmates. Making the roar, the podcast, and messing around in class made this class fun and memorable to me.

As well as my teachers, several of them have stuck out but Mrs. Brown, Coach Bienert, and Mrs. Kidder have influenced me the most.

Mrs. Brown made me feel comfortable in school sophomore year, she is the reason that I am now so outgoing.

Coach Bienert has always been genuine with me at cheer and in the classroom, she knows when I am stressed or upset without me having to say anything. I am glad I have always been able to come to her with personal issues as well as things for cheer.

Lastly, Mrs. Kidder encouraged me to join the A/V class and I am so grateful for that. My senior year wouldn’t be complete without this class. Not only have I learned so many technical things in the class but also how to work hard and be a leader in a different area.

Also, I would like to thank my parents. I know it’s a super clique and basic but I really wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I’m going to miss high school, messing around with friends in classes, clubs, football games, pep rallies, hanging out outside of school will all be missed but I’m ready to go to college at the University of Arkansas.

Go Jags and finally as Ferris Bueller says, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”