Imma Head Out

Imma Head Out

Camden Spradley, AV Team Member

Senior goodbye – Imma Head Out 

~~Reality 0724

~~Graduation Day 2021

Our brave hero, me, begins to walk towards Mrs. Tipton to receive his totally not-fake diploma. Left foot then right foot… then I heard something, a loud and inhuman shrieking noise. Silence falls over everyone as the celebration comes to a halt, eyes suddenly turn upward just in time to see Mr. Henke barreling towards me. I quickly evade with a sideways jump just in time to avoid the drawing of his sword. It appeared to be made of pure time, a time sword if you will. Bewildered, I asked him where he got something like this, his response was nothing but a cocky smirk followed by “you like it? Obama gave it to me. When cut with it you lose all methods in which we use to perceive time, causing your death to feel like an eternity.” it was something about his callous disregard for any human decency that made me realize something was off. I had heard the Henke chronicles, he was supposed to be a legendary warrior that fought for peace and justice… not this. “She’s gotten to you hasn’t she?!” I scream back “my mind is free, although not stable. I fought to keep her influence out of my head, but she was too strong, and while I may have prevented her control, She made sure to wreak havoc on my mind. I no longer know who I am, but I do know   that if you hadn’t freed her this wouldn’t have happened!” “I tried to stop her..” “enough talk BOY, you’ll pay for what you’ve done,” good thing made sure to pack my rocket boots. I blast off and send him flying into the bleachers… suddenly his suit began irradiating with energy and a massive pulse was sent out, sending hurding back. He begins levitating without any sort of equipment followed by the glowing of his eyes as he begins sending lightning bolt after lightning bolt my way. At this point I was purely terrified and only wanted to escape the situation, so I turned around and tried to fly away in the opposite direction, I get about 25 feet in the air when a feeling of relief waves over me… not a long-lasting feeling, it began to feel as if there was a tether on my foot although when I looked back there was nothing except Henke holding his hand to the sky with a grin on his face. Does this guy have telekinesis?! I think to myself as I’m slowly dragged down to his level. He pulls me closer to him and is slowly increasing the pressure on each of my limbs… I have to think fast. I use my mouth to slowly lower the mask on my face until my lips are showing, then I cough. He’s taken aback as he doesn’t want to catch covid and momentarily releases me from his grasp. I use this time to jump up and shove my rocket boots into his chest. This sends him to the ground incapacitated. I use this time to pull up a picture of his dog to show it to him, he begins to cry and is reverted back to his normal self. He thanks me and we walk back to the ceremony. Mr. Henke hand delivers my totally not fake diploma and afterward, we take a ride to go see the school one last time… As we approach I look out the window and say goodybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.