You Ever Heard Of the Aquabats?

You Ever Heard Of the Aquabats?

Beau Bumpus, AV Associate Producer

To begin this long tale I, Brentyn Beau Bumpus, am a senior. Yeah, I know amazing right? So being in high school is like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re gonna get. What I mean by this is that every year that you are in high school you always get new experiences. While in high school most things don’t matter like grades and attendance but what does matter are the relationships that you have and make in high school. Just like Forrest Gump and Bubba you can meet some of your best friends in a weird place, for example, I’ve had a friend since freshman year and his name is Omar. Just like Lieutenant Dan, I had my own Forrest Gump to be by my side when I was in a rough patch. So if you don’t take the learning aspect from high school I think you really should take your relationships that you made during your time here and run with them. So to end it off I would like to say one of my favorite quotes from some of my idols.

“I Don’t Believe In God; I Believe In Science!”-Esqueleto (Nacho Libre) 

“Now, remember son: stay in school, eat your veggies, burn everything but Shakespeare.”- Rango 

“I real, the real Bob Ross only eat at Arby’s. They truly have the meats!” – Bob Ross