The Battle of the Classes

Girls Annual Powderpuff Game Set to Happen.

The Battle of the Classes

Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

The annual powderpuff game is for sure taking place this school year. The game is set to take place on Thurs. May 20 at 6 pm. This will have the junior girls play against the senior girls in a game of flag football. 

Many of the football boys have stepped up to help coach these girls and to help them train for this game. They have all come together to schedule practices and try to prepare the girls for the game. 

“I decided to coach because I didn’t get to participate last year so this was my only chance to do so,” Haydon Wiginton (12) said. “Plus I want to be a football coach when I graduate college so why not start with girls’ football.”

Many students have decided to join the powderpuff teams because it will allow them some final memories, considering last year powderpuff did not happen.

“A lot of my friends decided to do it, and I thought it would be a fun end to my senior year, especially since we’d all be together,” Emily Conrad (12)  said.

This game allows many friends to be able to play together and against each other. 

“I’m excited to play against the juniors because a lot of them are my teammates and friends so I like the competition,” Elizabeth Schmidt (12) said.

The girls are excited to have good competition against one another considering most of them know each other. 

“I don’t know who will win honestly because football is a new concept for both the juniors and seniors. With the right coaching, anyone can come out on top,” Elizabeth Roberson (11).

No one knows who will win, but the seniors are very confident they will beat the juniors. 

“I think we will win because we’re a competitive class that works pretty well together,” Conrad said. “We can absolutely dominate the children.”