The Best In Their Field

Varsity Girls Soccer Win State Championship.

The Best In Their Field

Maxie Eller, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

You hear the crowd roar, a sea of red cheering your name, as you sprint down the field, weaving through defenders to get in position for the cross. You’re sprinting as the ball comes flying through the air in a perfect arc right toward you. One perfect kick and suddenly the ball is hitting the back of the net. Your teammates surround you and the sounds of excitement are almost deafening as you grin from ear to ear. 

The varsity girls soccer team won State on Apr. 16 against Corpus Christi Calallen with a score of 6-0, making this the second win in school history after their win in 2018. 

“I was so happy when we won because this has only been done once so it’s amazing that we just did it again,” Jules Burrows (9) said. “The state game was so much fun. We got to play as a team which made us keep scoring and win the championship and we got to have an amazing time.”

Burrows was voted as MVP of the game with her incredible performance and three goals. Other game highlights included goals made by Rachel Allen, Sydney Dickson, and Kerry Scott. The team overall played well with an aggressive offense and efficient defense. 

“It means a lot to me and this team indefinitely to have won state,” Rachel Allen (12) said. “All of our hard work has paid off and we earned it no doubt. When the game was over, I felt more excited than ever. I knew that our team wanted it more and that we played the best game we have ever played. It feels unreal.” 

The game, the highlight of this year’s season, was viewed not only by family and friends of the team but also by students from Heritage who arrived in four fan buses to support the team. 

“It was exciting to be able to see so many people in the stands,” Kerry Scott (10) said. “Once the game was over, I was even more excited. Everyone was screaming; I couldn’t stop smiling. The fact that the season ended with a bang is awesome.” 

The win was especially meaningful to the seniors playing in the game. These girls were part of the 2018 state championship team and have now earned two wins at state in their high school careers. 

“This win feels just as thrilling as freshman year,” Allen said. “To have started and ended my high school career winning state is unreal. That doesn’t happen to many people often and I’m so proud of this team for all the hard work. Starting the game, I knew it would be my last time playing a high school game so I knew I had to give it my all. It feels amazing to know that all the early mornings, running, practices, and films had all paid off.” 

Even after their victory, the girls aren’t slowing down. Soccer season may be over, but they are now setting their sights on next year and another state win. 

“I was thinking about how I’m a freshman and how I have three more years to get better,” Burrows said. “I’m excited that I get to play soccer with these people next year and hope to win another state championship.”