.000000823% of J&J Patients Report Blood-clots

J&J Vaccine Recall Due Six Patients Reports of Blood-clots.


Julia Alley, Newspaper Managing-Editor

Safety concerns regarding the Johnson and Johnson vaccine have been brought to the forefront as new information comes to light. Even prior to the COVID-19 vaccine’s completion, there were already questions regarding the side effects that may occur and now they seem to be revamped.

On Tuesday, April 13th, the administration of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was halted due to six instances of blood clots found in women who received it. It is unclear if the vaccine is the direct cause of these blood clots, as the investigation is currently being conducted by the CDC. The vaccine will remain on hold for seven to 10 days while a panel of scientists investigates the side effects.

“I am getting the Pfizer but I would get the Johnson and Johnson if I could because it’s faster and I don’t really care if my blood clots,” Marco Villarreal (11) said.

On the other hand, some Heritage students are apprehensive about whether the vaccine is safe enough for administration at this time.

“I don’t think there was enough information to tell if the vaccine was causing the blood clots,” Luke Philips (11) said. “But they are no longer available so I would assume no.” 

Furthermore, negative opinions on all COVID-19 vaccines as a whole have become much more prevalent as the Johnson and Johnson variation comes under criticism. 

“I don’t think the vaccine is beneficial in any way and is actually further harming the world population,” Janicia Gonzalez (12) said.

Regarding personal use of the vaccine, several students claim that they would not consider taking the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. 

“Well, I don’t want to end up in the hospital after getting a vaccine from the same hospital,” Hamilton Magnuson (12) said.