Why ‘Cancel Culture’ Is A Necessary Step Forward, and A Natural Progression For Society

Why Cancel Culture Is Needed.

Why 'Cancel Culture' Is A Necessary Step Forward, and A Natural Progression For Society

James Hoekstra, Writer

So many people are familiar with the term ‘cancel culture’, a term defined as, “a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles”. Lately, many people have begun to think that cancel culture, citing private company’s choices as things that are ‘silencing the right’, but this is simply untrue.

One example is Gina Carano, who was fired from The Mandalorian for spreading false, anti-vax rhetoric. Even if what she said was true, which it wasn’t, Disney is a private company and as such as a right to fire someone for any reason not based on race or sex, as stated by the constitution. This is what happened with Carano, she spouted false rhetoric that didn’t align with Disney’s image so they decided to terminate their relationship. Freedom of speech is concerning the government, not society as a whole.

Two more examples of things conservatives talk about are Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Suess, both of whom right-wingers accused the left of ‘canceling’, when it was in fact, the choice of these private businesses to change their image for branding purposes. No one is ‘canceling’ them. These companies looked at the market and decided what would make them the most profit because that’s how America operates. If you are opposed to them removing racist books or updating the gender of potato-do potatoes even have genders?- of their own volition, then you are opposed to these companies getting to run their own business.

To take my last point further, the market is controlled by demand, right? Firms make and sell what people will buy. So if people decide to ‘cancel’ or to stop supporting a business, the business should update its policy to make money. These firms have to match the market or they’ll go out of business. It’s just common sense.

My coworker and peer Lily made a point about the Land O’ Lakes butter being a company, free to do what they choose. However, what she failed to consider is that this company updated their logo because the people portrayed on that logo didn’t, and never wanted to be on it. They heard the wishes of the people and reacted accordingly. And in doing so, but their company in a positive light in the public eye, all while removing stereotypical imagery of Native Americans. The company matched the market and became less racist, in turn receiving attention and increasing profit. They made the ethical and logical choice that benefited everyone.

In short, the so-called ‘cancel culture is just the ever-changing demands of the market. The market has always changed, way before social media was even thought of. The whole point of capitalism is to innovate to deal with an ever-changing market. Social media just speeds up the process much akin to the way technology speeds up everything. Unless you are an avid anti-capitalist, you shouldn’t be opposed to changing demands in the market.