Who’s Not Messing Up Anything, It’s Been WandaVision All Along

Review of Finale of WandaVision.

Who’s Not Messing Up Anything, It’s Been WandaVision All Along

James Hoekstra, Writer

WandaVision’s finale does not disappoint. In episode eight we left off just learning all about Agatha’s past, Wanda’s trauma,  and the formation of a new Vision. Setting up a truly satisfying ending, and an all-out epic conclusion.

Episode nine jumps right into the thick of things with a mind-blowing battle between Agatha and Wanda, with the Vision from Wanda’s reality fighting a government-constructed version of himself. 

As Agatha tries to steal Wanda’s powers, we see their different magic styles come into play. It’s fascinating how much Wanda shows character growth throughout one fight scene. While Agatha uses more traditional magic such as teleportation, tomes, or incantations, Wanda starts off the battle using her usual telekinesis after realizing that Agatha had the power to absorb magic blasted at her. 

Because Agatha can consume magic attacks, Wanda attacks her indirectly by hitting her with a flying truck. Because nothing is ever so easy, Agatha comes back and explains what Wanda truly is; how the legendary Scarlet Witch can create matter out of nothing, and this power, called Chaos Magic, is what sets her apart from traditional witches.

To combat Wanda’s greater strength, Agatha frees the minds of the people Wanda had trapped in Westview. Overwhelmed with guilt as to what the people were feeling, Wanda lowers the magic barrier between her world and ours. But when this is causing the desecration of Vision and their children, she swiftly lowers it, overcome with emotion, all the while, Agatha is taking every chance to steal more and more of Wanda’s power.

Despite being weakened, Wanda fights back with a classic move. She sends Agatha and herself into Agatha’s past through a horrifying vision of when Agatha’s coven tried to burn her at the stake. Within the vision, the coven recognizes Wanda as the Scarlet Witch and turns on her shortly after Agatha. Wanda then propels them out of the vision and they take to the sky for the final showdown.

Racing through the air in a Superman-Esque battle, Wanda and Agatha face off in the clouds surrounded by the glowing walls of Wanda’s world. Sooner rather than later, it appears Wanda’s given up as she just straight up hurtles her magic to strike Agatha, seldom missing. Yes, it seems Wanda’s fueled more by rage and emotion than rational thought. However, when it appears that Agatha has absorbed nearly all of her magic, and is looming over with malicious intent, something happens.

Wanda’s supposed ‘missed shots’ glow and we learn they were actually to mark the walls of the world with runes designed to prevent all, save the witch who cast them, from performing magic within a given place. A spell originally used against her by Agatha. With Agatha’s powers rendered worthless, Wanda becomes the Scarlet Witch as we see her power all returning at once, effectively restoring her status as the most powerful being in existence. 

Wanda then traps Agatha within her own mind, the way the people of Westview once were, rendering her a powerless shell of her former self, and then the hard part begins. Wanda makes the choice to sacrifice her alternate reality and even her family for the sake of moving on and freeing the town of Westview. It is the right choice doesn’t make it any easier as she tucks in her sons for the last time and holds Vision in her arms as she shuts down this beautiful, but the ultimately false, world.

This finale closed the book in a perfect way on such a bizarre and beautiful show. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves anything. For unless you are unable to feel emotion, you will like this show.