From Go Jags to Go Pokes!

Haydon Wiginton Signs to Play Football at OSU.


Isabella McAllister, Newspaper Editor-In-Chief

As a kid, you only dream of growing up and going to college, especially when you play sports. From starting as a little kid to stepping onto a real field, you know this is your dream. But now, college football isn’t just a dream, it is a reality. 

On Feb. 24, Haydon Wiginton signed to play football at Oklahoma State University. Haydon has been involved in football since he was little and college football was the ultimate goal. He hadn’t heard from many colleges until a few months ago and was thrilled to be able to commit to a school. 

“I’ve played football since I was capable of running, but I didn’t put on pads until sixth grade, “ Haydon Wigington said. “It’s been my life since birth though, and I’ve put countless hours outside of athletics to prepare for college ball.” 

Haydon has played football all of his life and has spent much time and effort preparing for his future.

“I could not be more proud of Haydon,” Coach Lee Wiginton, parent and coach of Haydon said. “Athletically speaking, he has worked incredibly hard to develop himself into a great football player.”

When signing to OSU, Haydon always dreamed of having this opportunity. 

“I have worked incredibly hard to get the opportunity to play at the next level, and I’ve prayed for years that a chance would come, so it’s a huge blessing that I was able to sign to OSU, “ Haydon said. 

With all of the hard work, Haydon is finally able to live his dream of playing college football. 

“When you see all of the work he puts in and the extra time that he spends on the field after practice and in the weight room, his signing to OSU is a combination of that,” Coach CaShan Clark said. “They all paid off and I am very proud he is going to OSU.”

After all of Haydon’s hard work, his coaches believe that it has all really paid off. They want to see all of the big things he will do in the future. 

“All of my coaches are super proud and have supported me greatly throughout the process.“ Haydon said. “Most of them practically raised me, so they were pretty happy for me as well. I’m very thankful to have had them throughout this process. 

All of Haydon’s coaches have been greatly involved in his athletic career and guided him. 

“He has made me a better coach because I’ve learned to appreciate the relationships of this profession every single day, “ Lee said.

Haydon’s journey throughout his athletic career has helped his own dad and peers become better themselves. 

“We have played together since fifth grade together,“ Noah Gray (12) said. “I’m proud of him for living out his dream and playing D1 football at a big school. I can’t wait to watch him play on TV.”

Friends and family are supporting him through his new chapter of life and are looking forward to seeing what comes next. 

“Watching Haydon grow up in this game has been one of the biggest thrills of my life,“ Lee said. “I will miss coaching him more than words can describe.”

OSU was a shock for Haydon and his family considering it happened so fast. 

“OSU was a dream scenario for me that ended up happening with no warning, “Haydon said. It was definitely shocking.”