Attack On Titan: Isayama’s Masterpiece

Review on Last Season of Attack on Titan.

Attack On Titan: Isayamas Masterpiece

Lily Johnson, Writer

‘Attack on Titan’, known as ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ in Japan, is coming to an end, as the final episodes release this year. I’ve built a love and appreciation for this over the years, and I’m very disappointed that it will be ending. I mean, what do I do after that? Watch other anime? Get over it? Move on to other shows? I don’t think I’ll be able to find too many shows that are this entertaining, but I think an overview of this wonderful show’s journey is a great farewell to start off with.

The story first became known as a manga series, which soon started the anime. The manga series is ahead of the anime, so if you read the manga, don’t spoil anything for your friends who strictly watch the anime. The entire world of ‘Attack on Titan’ was created by Hajime Isayama, basing the scenery of the world on his own hometown of Hita, Oita. 

The story takes place within three walls, protecting humanity from extinction. The three walls, known as Wall Maria, Wall Rose, and Wall Sina, separate different financial classes and districts. The walls shield humanity from an overwhelming threat known as the titans: giant, human-eating creatures. The titans threatened the extinction of humanity over a century ago, according to the plot. A form of the military was created to protect civilians against potential titan threats, violence within the walls, and expeditions beyond the walls. This military is split into four branches… The Scout Regiment, Garrison Regiment, Military Police Regiment, and Cadet Corps. The Scouts handle the majority of titan threats, outside expeditions, and research. The Garrison is the largest regiment, stationed inside the walls to maintain peace and order. The Military Police is responsible for arrests and detainment of criminals, emergency evacuations of citizens, and supervision of cadets in training. The Military Police are mostly within Wall Sina, closest to the king. The Cadet Corps is the training branch, bringing in recruits as young as 15, training them to kill titans, protect civilians, and other things such as hand-to-hand combat. Tests and monitoring are used within training exercises to decide the top ten of the current class, which are given permission to transfer to the military police once training is completed. After training, a cadet may select their preferred regiment. 

Eren Jaeger, the star of the show, is a young boy seen spending time with his friends, Armin and Mikasa. We see Mikasa and Eren standing near the main gate of their district, watching as the Scout Regiment returns from their most recent expedition. Despite Eren’s eager determination and pride for the scouts, we see how deadly the outside world is, as injured, traumatized soldiers return, with possibly hundreds of casualties. 

After multiple scenes of a seemingly decent community within the walls, tragedy strikes. Suddenly, a never-before-seen titan peeks over the 50-foot wall before kicking a giant hole into it, allowing an entrance for other titans. Buildings are destroyed, families are split, and the Shiganshina district is in ruins. We eventually find Eren, Armin, and Mikasa in the cadet corps, training to join the scouts. We meet many characters that fans have come to adore, and also hate. I would not want to spoil the shocking plot of the last half of season one, so let’s just fast forward and summarize the important parts of other seasons. 

Eren becomes mighty useful to the scouts, and joins the squad of Levi Ackerman, who some refer to as “Humanity’s Strongest”. He, unfortunately, watches people die, sacrifice many things, and learn from mistakes. Shocking information is uncovered, drama is created, and the story keeps getting more eye-catching from there. Throughout seasons two and three, we learn a terrific amount of information and lore behind the titans: why they exist, where they come from, and one other very important part, which I would still hate to spoil for you. You have to watch it to be amazed! I wish I could see certain moments in the show for the first time again! 

Season four is known as the final season, and episodes are being released as we speak. I’m telling you, season four is absolutely crazy. It’s addicting, and the art is absolutely perfect. The art has me speechless. The plot of season four is confusing, but it also makes sense. I know, my statement doesn’t make sense, but you’ll understand if you watch it. 

There is a character in season four that you’ll greatly dislike, loathe, and hate. You won’t understand why you hate them at first, but then when you start yelling at the screen while watching the show, you will know why. Season four even takes on a whole new set of characters, along with the originals! It changes your entire perspective, and makes you question a character from the original seasons that you never thought to question. Someone also dies, and you would have never thought they would be someone to die. I’ll admit, I screamed when it happened. I was so angry, to be honest. And if you don’t read the manga, then you’ll currently find a very pleasant surprise regarding a female character from the original seasons. I wish this show could go on, but Isayama’s choice has been made. 

I absolutely cannot express to you how much this show has influenced me, brought me happiness, and cured my horrendous boredom. I’m begging you, dear reader. Watch it! The story gets one hundred percent better with each season, and you’ll become hooked, I assure you. I hate that this wonderful masterpiece is ending, but rewatching it is not a bad idea! To watch this terrific series, you can find it on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other platforms that provide anime. Oh, and if you start to love Levi, trust me, everyone does. So, join the club.